Kitchen decoration Feng Shui What are the taboos for kitchen decoration Feng Shui?

To talk about interior decoration, it is natural that the decoration of the kitchen is indispensable. As the saying goes, "the people eat food for the sky", the kitchen is a place for the family to eat every day, then the decoration of the kitchen is naturally sloppy. So what are the taboos in the kitchen renovation Feng Shui?

The choice of orientation for kitchen decoration:

The kitchen should not be to the south, the south is a fire, the kitchen is also a fire, the fire is on fire, it is unfavorable to the home, and the food is perishable to the south; the kitchen is not suitable for the center of the home, and the center of the house is the most untainted. The most suitable location is the east and southeast of the house. The five rows of east and southeast are wood, and can coexist peacefully with water and fire. It is especially suitable for use as a kitchen and breakfast. In the kitchen renovation and layout of the kitchen feng shui, as long as the avoidance of these taboos in the kitchen feng shui, then the family kitchen feng shui will not be too bad, at least not to bring disaster to the family.

Cabinet selection when decorating the kitchen:

1. Draw the position and shape of the desired cabinet in the kitchen in the kitchen floor plan.

2. The production of cabinets requires a certain amount of time, so plan ahead.

3, the low cabinet in the kitchen is best made into drawers, push-pull, to pick and place. The wall cabinets are generally made of multi-layered lattices of 30 to 40 cm width.

4. The gap between the operating platforms of the cabinets can be used to take some of the tools needed for cooking. 5. The drawer should never be placed in the corner of the cabinet.

6, the furniture in the kitchen should be as close as possible, the various utensils and items are stored in the cabinet, both sanitary and tidy.

7. Try not to have a gap in the kitchen. The ceiling cabinet is directly connected to the ceiling, because the ceiling is easy to condense water vapor or smoke stains, and the top of the cabinet is easy to accumulate dust, and the gap between them will become a daily cleaning difficulty. The gap between the pipelines of the pool is also difficult to clean. Apply the door seal and use it to put garbage bins or other debris.

Material selection when decorating the kitchen:

1. The floor of the kitchen should be made of non-slip, easy to clear ceramic blocks. And the interface should be small to prevent accumulation of dirt, and it is easy to clean. Do not use mosaic tiles.

2. The top and wall of the kitchen should be made of fireproof, heat resistant and easy to clean materials such as glazed tile wall and aluminum ceiling.

3. The distance between the cooktop and the sink should not be too far or too close.

4, kitchen decoration materials should be resistant to water. The materials on the ground and the work surface should not leak or seep. Wall and ceiling materials should be water resistant and scrubbed with water.