Yin House Feng Shui

What is a yin house, that is, a place where people who have died live. In fact, there is a lot of content involved in Feng Shui. We live in a Yang house. What are the feng shui studies in the Yin House? What is learning? Let's take a look at it.

Yin House Feng Shui

Yin House Feng Shui

Yin House Feng Shui Classification:

The feng shui in the mountains is the pursuit of "the combination of heaven and man, the induction of heaven and man". It pays attention to the best cooperation of the situation and qi. It should be centered on the acupoint, with the main mountain, Shaozu Mountain and Zushan as the background, with the river and the pool as the foreground. Taking the case mountain and the mountain as the opposite scene, taking the Shuikou Mountain as the screen view, and taking the Qinglong Mountain and the Baihu Mountain as the two wings, the situation should be “to take the seat of the hole, divide the gold, take the five elements of the theory of life, and cooperate with the death. The fate of the human being and the orientation of the mouth, as well as the temperament of the twenty-fourth mountain. Such mountain feng shui can bless the future generations and protect the children.

The difference between Pingyang Fengshui and mountain feng shui is more demanding coordination, and the situation should be short-selling. A good Pingyang feng shui should be "the wind blows water and stimulates the longevity, avoiding the wind and sheltering the rain. It is the coordination of the grave's own seat, the gold and the nozzle."

The above also explains some feng shui knowledge of the Yin House, the following small series will explain the basic operation of the feng shui of the Yin House.

First, observe

Observe whether a place can be called the feng shui treasure land of the Yin House. It depends on whether it has the four images of "Suzaku, Xuanwu, Qinglong, Baihu", as well as the Dragon, the Case Sand, the Mingtang, the Shuikou and the Standing. If there is an endless mountain in the north of a yin house, there are low hills and hills echoing in the south; the left and right sides are surrounded by mountains and guarded; the middle part is distinct, the terrain is spacious, and there is buckling water. Encircled, then this is a very ideal place for Feng Shui.

Second, the choice of land

It is very important to choose the mountain, choose the cemetery suitable for the mountain family, and bury it. As the saying goes: "Blessed people are blessed", because everyone's blessings are different. To get a rich place to build a yin house, it is also very expensive. Great effort, not everyone has a chance to get it. How to find a good yin feng shui, has become the desire of many people. The good thing is that the ancestors have earned good deeds, which means that the mountain family gets a good land, which is the haze of his ancestors.

What is good:

1, Longmaiwang, yin and yang dragons are wrapped around each other.

2, sand water beautiful, Luocheng got the game.

3, the acupuncture points are good, the soil is good.

Third, burial

There must be certain rules for burial. If the burial is not good, it will be violent. The mountain is not flat. The face of the division is not glamorous and uneasy.

How to bury:

1. Chosen Ji’an

According to the death of the mountain family and the choice of the sons and grandsons, the choice of the auspicious day can not be ruined with the death, the sons and grandchildren, the choice of auspicious day, do not commit too old, three, heavy funeral, repeat and other fierce days.

2. Excavation of Jinjing

According to the operation of the well opening process (the customs of each place are different), the depth and the depth are good, and the internal force of the Jinjing is sheltered from wind, water, ants, stones, roots and other bad suffocating gases.

Fourth, the relocation

Five, repair the tomb

The feng shui of the Yin House is based on the cooperation of the heavens and the earth. The choice of auspicious lessons can be perfect, and the burial and escaping will be unbeaten and wealthy.

Yin House feng shui choice

First, avoid loneliness and helplessness.

Many people want to promote feng shui, or out of filial piety, and move the ancestral hen's house to an independent mountain. If the yin house is unobstructed, even facing the endless sea, although the environment is good, it is not good for gas gathering. Because the wind coming from all sides will directly hit the tombstone, and Feng Shui thinks that "the air is scattered by the wind." That is, even if there is wealth, good luck, it will be blown away by the wind. Therefore, when choosing a cemetery for the ancestors, it is necessary to pay attention to avoid this.

Second, avoid beside the flowing water.

The water flowing here includes streams, rivers and canals. Originally, if there was such a running water area next to the Yang House, the same was true of the Yin House where the ancestors lived. Originally there is flowing water, which means that the soil in this place has a lot of water, and the moisture easily penetrates into the saplings of the ancestors and even the shins. If the sacral bones of the ancestors are intervened by water, it will in turn affect the health of future generations. Even if many places in modern times admire the ashes, it is not advisable to have flowing water next to them. It is easy to let the air flow slip away with the water.

Third, avoid back to the road.

There are always uninterrupted traffic on the road. If the ancestors' sinister houses are placed in such places, not only will the ancestors be easily disturbed, but the air of the dragon will be damaged. In this way, the harmony of future generations will also be affected, and it is easy to have disputes with people and tongues, and family relationships will not be harmonious. If you want family and harmony, you should avoid this situation!

Fourth, bogey there are big trees.

Although the big tree can be cool and beautiful next to it, it is not wise in Feng Shui. Because the big tree grows beside the ancestors' sinister house, its roots are still spreading and growing, and it will inevitably disturb the ancestors. Moreover, the trees will bring muddy ants and bring bad harassment to the ancestors. In addition, due to the obstruction of the big trees, even the sunshine of positive energy can not reach the sinister house of the ancestors. If it goes on for a long time, it will become too yin. If the yin and yang are weak, it will also be detrimental to the development of the fortune of the future generations.

Fifth, avoid the left and right dragons and tigers without maintenance.

The so-called "Zuo Qinglong, Right White Tiger" refers to the left and right sides of the ancestors' Yin House. On the day of Qingming, it is best to help the ancestors sort out the weeds on both sides, so as to avoid the erosion of the dragon and the tiger's gas field, resulting in insufficient strength outside the lock, and it is impossible to shelter future generations. Recommended reading: Feng Shui knowledge gate Feng Shui

Eight rich patterns of feng shui in Yin House

1. Laoyang Point has a position

Sitting on the dry sea, the right water is left to the left side of the square, opposite the Emeishan case, sitting in the dry palace is the place, the sons and grandchildren are rich, ranking in the three public.

2, the old yin hole has a position

Sitting on the Kun Xiang, the right water is left to the left side, and there is a sand on the mountain, sitting on the Kunming Fangdinglong, such as the funeral, that is, the place is rich, the wealth is long, and the person Ding Dawang also.

3, the temple is out of position

Sitting on the squatting, left water poured out to the right side, see the bat case in front of you, sit in A, squat for the position, the children will always wear goldfish, rich and double, and Wade is shocking!

4, Taiyin points get out of the game

Sitting on the dry sea, right water poured out to the left side of Xinfang, face Tianmashan commit crimes, sitting in the palace, the sons and grandchildren rich and wealthy, if you sit for the position!

5, Zhongyang point has a position

Sitting in the slanting away, left water fell to the right out of Ding Fang, there is a dusty peak in the face, the name is Jiji point, sitting in the palace is the place to be squatted, the top dragon is buried, to the left into the water hall, the big rich.

6, Zhongyin points get out of the game

Sitting away from the ridge, the left water is poured out to the right side, and there is a cloud water big case in the face of the gold-cutting point. The knots are more in the shape of a fire, leaving the dragon to worship, so the main expensive, the necessary cloud water pressure star, away from The outside is dark and the inside is dark.

7, Shaoyang points get out of the game

Sitting on the Kunshen, right water poured out to the left side, opposite the three cases, sitting in the position of the seat, the hole from the Saturn corner, the right into the Shenshui through the hall, must be Ding Dawang, rich and expensive.

8, Shaoyin points get out of the game

Sit Geng to A, left water and right to the side of the party, when the face of the jade rule, the milk in the knot hole, the lack of shallow concave brain on the sputum, then there will be ghosts and sorrows, if you sit in the Geng for the position, the financial Two Wang, the department is full of doors.

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