Graveyard feng shui knowledge

  Many people want to know what is the knowledge of feng shui in the cemetery? How do you see the feng shui in the cemetery better? What is the knowledge of feng shui in a good cemetery? Here is the relevant article about the feng shui illustration of the cemetery. Come and see Let's go!

Graveyard feng shui knowledge

Graveyard feng shui knowledge

First, the standard Yin House Feng Shui Geology

We have seen those Feng Shui masters say that the feng shui of the Yin House is very inscrutable, but perhaps most people still have no way of understanding what those things mean. A good feng shui yin house is a lot of people rushing to see what we have to see the standard feng shui yin house.

1. The difference in orientation is a little bit, and the good and the bad will differ by a hundred thousand miles. From the figure we can see that the choice of feng shui yin house depends on the direction of the dragon's gas, and the yin house should be in the direction that the dragon can reach.

2, good Feng Shui Yin House, must have the main mountain, Shaozu Mountain and Zushan and other back mountain, and can be seen from the picture, Qinglong Mountain, Baihu Mountain, Hushan, Case Mountain, Chaoshan, Shuikou Mountain is also a key consideration one. These factors must have and meet the requirements of each Feng Shui Mountain.

3, must have a Mingtang. The size and height of the Mingtang, the orientation of the water, and the distance are greatly affected. The Zhongmingtang of the mountain dragon is often deep, and the Zhongmingtang of the flat dragon is often shallow.

4, the ideal Feng Shui treasure in the eyes of Feng Shui, is backed by the main mountain, surrounded by water. The main mountain is far-reaching, the gas is prosperous, there must be mountain ring protection around, or there is a sand mountain guard before and after the left and right, so that the wind can be cultivated. There must be a water phase in front, the water should not be urgent, the sky gate should be opened, and the landlord should be closed. In this way, water can be stored, which is the ideal feng shui house.

Looking for a good feng shui yin house, we must see the heights of the main mountain, the case mountain, the distance of the mountain, the surrounding conditions of Qinglong and Baihu Mountain, and the reversal of water. When a point of Feng Shui is selected, it is necessary to decorate and build Feng Shui buildings according to the heights of the main mountain, the height of the mountain, the distance of the mountain, the surrounding conditions of the Qinglong and Baihushan, and the reversal of the water. All buildings must conform to the relevant dimensions in order to match the Feng Shui architecture with the mountain and river conditions, and integrate with nature to be a united person.

After the star star, Leshan is protected by both sides. The star-shaped star is prominent. When the hole is opened, the hole is flat. The inner hall is flat and the feng shui of the yin house is very small and rich.

Second, the geography is ambiguous: Tianmen, local households

1, Tianmen

Also known as Tianguan, Shangsha, refers to the entrance to the water flow at the cave. "The eye of the human eye says the water" cloud: into the mountain to find the water... Where the water comes from the heavenly gate, if you don’t see the source of the sky, it is said to open. Where the big dragon is in the body, the sand is particularly important. Because the dragons are stagnation at the acupoints, and the branches are less and the reversal is less. If the sand is not dense, then the eight winds blow the holes, the wind is scattered by the wind, and the branches of the dragons and the dragons must be reversal of the sand. I don't see the dragon back. In this way, there is a melting, it is not true that the dragon is not sand. I want to smash the clouds: the mountain pipekeeper Ding Shui main wealth. The water source is the source of wealth, and its source is long and wide, and it is expensive. Therefore, Tianmen is expensive and open. Xu Shanji "Soul of the Son of the Person" Cloud: Tianmen is also known as the Three Gates. In the case of Fa Tianmen, he wants to open it... The left and right sides of the cave, do not ask the Qinglong White Tiger, but the water comes to the side of the Tianmen... It should be open and smooth. Too narrow, the foreign money will not roll in. However, the water is more sacred, and it is the sacredness of the Tianmen. It is better to wrap around the loop without seeing the source, and the melodious and awkward. "Geography Daquan, Shanfa Quanshu Volume": Yuan Yichao has a feeling of love, not suitable for direct closure.

2, local households

Also known as the five households, the ground axis, the lower hand, the lower arm, the lower sand, the lower customs, the outlet of the water flow of the point field. Xu Shanji's "Soul of the Son of Man" Cloud: The landlord has changed its name to five households, and wants to close it. Around the cover hole, do not ask the Qinglong white tiger, the water goes to the side of the land. Be high and close, occlude overlap, and don't see water to Fangji. Feng Shui first teacher believes that the closeness of the land is the requisition of the true dragon.缪希雍 "The burial of the wing is difficult to solve twenty-four questions" Cloud: It is not known that the Zhizhilong no sand, the dry dragon can not live without sand. Huang Miaoying "Boshan articles on water" cloud: looking for the dragon door, point acupoints, water mouth dense, under the sand Gu. If the dragon lives, the mouth is narrow, if not, it will be wide. Water vapor is the form of anger, and it is the following. It is entangled in the following. There are guards of the Chinese watch. There are Luo Xing suffocating, there are swords and flags, and the horses and horses are like geese and geese. It will be a land of great wealth. If the customs are empty, there is no need to find a hole. Water vapor is also a symbol of wealth, and the wealth of the households is not leaked. "People's Eyes Says the Shuikou" Cloud: The place where the water goes is called the land, and the water is not seen. The husband of the water is the main source of wealth, the door is open for money, and the household is closed for financial use. If it is irrelevant, the water will go straight, it is the image of the loss of wealth. "Geography Daquan, Shanfa Quanshu Volume"; close to the mouth, the most afraid of going straight. Recommended reading: feng shui knowledge

Graveyard Feng Shui Graphic Knowledge Encyclopedia

The natural gas of feng shui in the cemetery

What you may not know is that the feng shui of the cemetery should pay attention to the natural gas. Therefore, when we study the feng shui of the cemetery, we must pay attention to harmony with the natural gas. The natural gas mainly refers to the anger of the natural environment. If the cemetery is built in a cemetery A good place for mountain water, the natural gas must be very strong, is the best place to choose the site.

The yin and yang of the feng shui

The yin and yang in the feng shui feng shui is also quite elegant, and each of us who live has yin and yang, it will combine with the formation of the influence and the gas of the left and right relatives after we bury the dead. If we can't find a lively cemetery, it can't protect our fortune and the health of our family, so we must pay attention to it in this respect.

Look at the feng shui of the cemetery:

When we are in the cemetery, we must widen our eyes and find the best and most auspicious position of the tomb. The best location for feng shui in the cemetery is where the aura is abundant, especially the mountain where the angry flow is the best, but everyone knows that the structure and gas field are different in each place, so when we find the mountain, it is Find a grave that is well lit and angry!

Look at the feng shui of the cemetery: two

When we look at things, we pay attention to the comprehensiveness of things and provide a comprehensive objective evaluation. So how can we reduce the entrance design effect of the cemetery when we look at the cemetery! And we can see whether the cemetery entrance is in the direction of south, southeast and southeast, because these three directions are the most auspicious directions to our home. Transportation also has a big impact, so we must pay attention to it!

Look at the cemetery: three

When you look at the cemetery, you will definitely look at the trees around it. Why is this? For example, there are hats covering the graves around the cemetery. It is very unlucky for people to change their illnesses at home. The only measure we can take is to Cutting down to block bad gas. And now everyone knows why this is it!

What kind of cemetery is good?

Flat land is the best Feng Shui treasure

Ancient tombs were built by the ancients, and they all depended on the mountains, that is, looking for the sun in the mountains, but the foundings were also in the flat and open mountains, not on the cliffs. Therefore, the site of the cemetery should be flat.

Good cemetery requires dragon veins

The so-called dragon vein is also the hill that sees the light better. Looking for a relatively flat terrain on the mountain to build a tomb, meaning that there is a mountain god suppression, the wild ghosts dare not come to disturb. For a good cemetery, there must be water, the mountain is yang, the water is yin, and the yin and yang should be reconciled. Surrounded by double water, the real dragon image. Many of the ancient tombs were dug out on the river, because of this. There are mountains, waters and plants, and that is the better place to dig the feng shui.

Do not choose a cemetery in a low-lying place

The terrain should be slightly higher. This is to prevent the rain from dew. After the water enters the tomb, the tomb will be washed out. If it is broken, it will be very troublesome to repair.

The cemetery is a low-ranking official

The feng shui of the cemetery is lower if the mountain is sandwiched. Such a cemetery is a place for the division of the sect. If there is no mountain in the direction of the water flow, it is a land of Pingchuan, then such a cemetery is the inferior land. If there are several mountains or three heavy mountains to close the arch, the power of blessing will be greater, and the blessing will be longer and longer. Water itself has no concept of orientation, and different cemeteries have different orientation concepts for the same water.

Choose a place with good sunshine

When building a tomb, you first need to choose a cemetery. The tomb is a cathode. If you choose to build a place where you can't see the sun, the whole family's fortune will not be better.

The feng shui of the cemetery is heavy and clean.

And the endless, the sight is very open, the feng shui is good; the modern roads are everywhere, the feng shui is very good, but when the road is built, the feng shui is destroyed, the road can break the dragon veins, and the long-term cars come to the gas field, So if there is a road behind the grave, the Lord is not good, the dragon behind it is broken, and there is no backing, it is destined to rely on itself; it depends on the size of the road, such as a small road, but only pedestrians, or high-speed companies, Grade roads, secondary roads, these, the impact of small roads is small, followed by the latter is very serious.

There is a good feng shui graveyard behind

That is, behind the mountain, the front is wide, the mountain around the ring is surrounded by water, the dragon is far and wide, there is a sand mountain to protect the car, the wind gathers gas, the front is surrounded by water or water, the water should be slow, the land should be closed, the gate To open, this is the best feng shui in the cemetery.

When choosing a good Feng Shui tomb, first look at the direction of the water, according to the seat of the tomb, and distribute the yin and yang five elements, in order to meet the qi and feng shui, in order to benefit future generations.