Talking about Feng Shui Knowledge in Cemetery

The feng shui of the tomb is broken and good. Choosing a good cemetery is not only to find a blessed land for raising the elderly, but also the responsibility of our children and grandchildren. This is not only a filial piety for the elderly, but also for the future generations of Fuyin. benefit. So what do you say about the graves and the bad luck? Let’s take a look at it.

Talking about Feng Shui Knowledge in Cemetery

Talking about Feng Shui Knowledge in Cemetery

Each of our human beings has their own children and grandchildren. Their descendants are like a thousand families. These thousands of families are the one thousand branches that make up this ancestral tree. The clan is so small that there is only one family. The tree has only this branch, and this branch leaves the growth of the tree of the clan. Perhaps the tree of the withering family has grown very large, but with many descendants of the family, there are no descendants. A family is like a tree with no new branches and leaves, but it becomes a dead branch. If the tree is transplanted in time, or watered and fertilized, although there is only one tow leaf, it will eventually change due to the environment. Fertilizing and returning to the towering trees in the past. This is a metaphor for the family that was not buried before the ancestors’ bones were buryed. After the timely burial, they can be blessed. Similarly, although there are currently thousands of supporting branches Trees, such as when they are flourishing, do not apply soil and fertilize, report to the ancestors, will eventually fall over the tree trunk due to the ups and downs, or the nutrient water is insufficient and withered.

"The tree has a big dead branch." Because the end of the Toto leaves do not absorb the sun and rain, return to the following dry branches, resulting in insufficient nutrients, no new branches. The whole tree withered, because the leaves did not absorb the sun Rain dew is returned to the tree head, or it is not timely watered and fertilized, or transplanted to a place where it is not suitable for growing. Just like some people would rather spend a lot of money to live in a house, drive a car, but do not know how to drink water, not willing to spend less money. To bury the ancestors' bones. It should be understood that without the ancestral tree roots and the thick trunks underneath, and together with the water supply, they are not as long as these people, with lush foliage and riches, but if not Knowing to report to Shi Zun, this rich and glory tree will not last long. For example, a bunch of flowers, although currently very beautiful, will eventually wither because there is no head support. So the tree head and the trunk below are your ancestors, you and your family only But it is a branch of the tree.

The tree has no head and no life, the head has no leaves and does not live. The head of the tree is a piece of the leaf. The head leaf and the guardian can produce hair. Even if you are extravagant or billionaire, your wealth and fame are inseparable from the ancestors. Jide, as well as the burial of the feng shui blessings after his death, so he must know how to drink water, find ancestors, and bury the bones of ancestors, so that not only can bring the invisible blessing of Feng Shui, but also inherit the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation.

The former landlord rich peasant and wealthy bureaucratic house was not only confiscated after liberation, but also brought a bad name. But after the reform and opening up, there are many outstanding officials and rich people, who are descendants of these people. If you say that this is made by a good acquired gene, I am afraid I can't say it because of the ingredients at the time, let alone a wife with a good condition. Even if I can find a woman, it is a blessing to have children. Therefore, they do not rely on their ancestors, nor on the genes of the day after tomorrow, but on the intangible blessings of ancestral virtues and good feng shui.

One life, two transports, three feng shui, the person's "life" is like a car, the life is a famous brand sports car, the fate is an old car that has been used for many years and is about to pay the fee. The path of life, each person's transportation represents a different path. If life is good, it is good, just like the new sports car is running as fast on the highway. But life is good, it is not good, it seems to be like A sports car walks on a rugged mountain road and is in danger. If the life is not good, it will be transported. Although the car is old, the speed of walking on the expressway is much faster than that of the sports car walking on the rugged mountain road. In ancient times, the saying that "life is worse than good luck" is the root of fate and goodness. It is the good and bad of the ancestral graves! It is also the saying: "The big bamboo shoots big bamboo shoots" and the "skunk smelly grass" metaphor However, there are ancient sayings: "Chenglong adult worms look at the tombs." So the ancestral grave is the fate of the descendants, and the fate dominates the life of six to seventy percent. Only three to four percent are based on the four accumulations of Yindewu. The remedy of the cemetery on the wind.

Speaking of this, some people may question that they have always known to report to Zuzen, and buried the ancestors of the past dynasties, and worshipped for years, but they always fail to receive the effect of feng shui. Even some people have not received Feng Shuifu. Shade, but after paying off the sacrifice once, there are always some unsatisfactory things happening in large or small places, which has become a popular saying that "good mountains (tombs) don't have to worship, bad mountains are better and worse". Why? The root cause of these problems is that their ancestral graves are not the dragons and the yin and yang, and the pros and cons are not in place. For this reason, every time after the worship, this fierceness is motivated. There are things that are unsatisfactory. As for the years of worship, the feng shui is not received. The reason why the ancestors are not savage is that their ancestors are not buried in the ground, but exposed to the ground, so that under the bones can not receive the dragon, It is impossible to absorb the essence of the sun, the moon and the stars. The "good mountain does not have to worship" is because this tomb is a dragon's acupoint, and the dragon is collected, and the essence of the sun and the moon is connected, and the yin and yang are blended through the bones. And thus the Fuyin descendants. Of course, as the year-round worship, through Moving from the grave weeding air guitar and guitar on the Negage, but does not move even if not worship also will receive a blessing.

What kind of ancestral grave is a good feng shui feng shui, first, you must have Longzhen points. To reach the Longzhen point, first of all, it is necessary to examine whether the gimmicks of the surrounding environment are beautiful and affectionate. The national teacher Liu Bowen wrote the book day: "Reading the dragon The book is tens of thousands of volumes, and it is also illusory to know that the hoe is not empty. To judge the beauty of the hoe, start with the ancestors of the dragon. The ancestors of the dragon are far and near, and the nearest one is within a few miles. It is dozens of miles or hundreds of miles, even thousands of miles. The ancestral mountain must be the steep and beautiful Xiu Xiufeng. The farther the ancestral mountain is, the more powerful it is. The tomb of the Ming Tombs and the Forbidden City in Beijing. Former national dragon veins, the origins are from the Kunlun Mountains thousands of miles away. If the real dragons use snakes and non-real dragons to use metaphors to divide, the power of the Ming Tombs and the Forbidden City is the Chinese snakes. The most profitable King Cobra. The ancestors are relatively close, and the dragon force is relatively small, but this dragon vein can also be rich, but the wealth is relatively small and the metaphor is a small snake.

Longmai has a distant ancestor from Taizu, Taizong, Shaozu, Shaozong and even parents. In the branching mountains where the ancestors went down, there are dragons and mountains. Whenever the dragon walks, the mountain must be bent. The undulating stacks, the dragon veins must also have the mountain body to welcome, send, clip, protect, so the real dragon is like an emperor, the mountains on both sides are like a follower guard. The real dragon has to wear the gorge, only the dragon of the gorge can dislocate, However, the gorges are regarded as sand hills. If they are buried in the sand hills of non-genuine dragons, they will not be blessed, but they will bring great harm. Therefore, there are ancient times: "Three mountains are coming out, and those who are looking for the hunts are looking for acupoints. There are those who are broken and who are true dragons and "the ones that are moving, and those who are not moving are mountains" to distinguish dragons from mountains.

The dragon also stretched its wings by penetrating the gorge, and the pharyngeal gas was collected so that the dragon was suffocating, so the qi was the foundation of the hole, and the person who had crossed the gorge and landed, the blessed land also. "The first acquaintance of the dragon ancestors, the bee waist The crane knee is the true trace. "The real dragon crossing the gorge must be the bee waist and the knees, such as the two sides of the tangible mountain body sandwich, the main hair is expensive, reading and fame. If there is a warehouse mountain body care, the main hair rich. Two All have, the main rich and wealthy. Therefore: "The warehouse arch gorge is the main rich, the flag arch gorge boarded the road. The warehouse is on both sides of the arch, the precious double is not wrong."

In fact, in principle, the dragon crossing the gorge should be short and not long, but the long weak force is already disabled. It should be narrow and not wide, and the width is lacking. The fine is not suitable for coarse, coarse and turbid has no. So the best It is "a small and thin line of the cross-gorge, the waist of the bee waist gathers the air, the beam gathers the gas to gather the square, and the gas bundle does not gather and cares." This is the commentary of the national teacher Liu Bowen on the Xiaolong. Acupoints, non-general masters can be found overnight. In fact, the feng shui ancestral graves of the Feng Shui are very particular about the dragons. The more you find the dragons that have worn the gorge, the bigger the wealth is, so the Feng Shui ancestors have: A star is a dragon, the dragon is long and short, and the Mengzhong Jishan is not chaotic. The dragon is nine-fold, the number of festivals is rich and long, and the first generation is a dragon." So the grave of the cemetery is definitely not measured by money. .