Look at the graveyard feng shui

  Everyone will experience this day, so now it is not only speculation, but also the cemetery, even if it is the same cemetery, the price of different feng shui is different, so it is enough to see the importance of feng shui in the grave. Sex, ancestors into the land for peace, into the blessed land for security, because the feng shui feng shui good or bad for the future generations of the fortune, Ding, expensive, life, has an immeasurable impact; good graves and feng shui treasure is hard to find, along with Xiaobian to understand how to see Feng Shui, how to use Feng Shui knowledge to find a good point.

Look at the graveyard feng shui

Look at the graveyard feng shui

Feng Shui was originally developed from the feng shui of the graveyard. As long as the orientation is different, the mountainous terrain of the specific acupoints is different, so the degree of good and bad of the feng shui of the burial ground is also different. Even if the mountain shape of the acupoints is a little different, the degree of good or bad will differ by a hundred thousand miles.

Tomb feng shui is a science, a remarkable feature is to emphasize the harmony between man and the natural environment. The quality of the two graves needs to be chosen first. So how do you choose the feng shui of the graveyard? The Feng Shui network below gives you a brief introduction.

Sitting on the mountain

When you are sitting in the mountains, you must first observe whether the Shanshuitang Bureau is perfect, that is, you must come to the first place where the dragon is not suffocating, and you will stop collecting gas. There are mountains and waters, mountains and rivers, and water pipes. The strength of the blessing is determined by the perfect size of the church. Hook up the small land, the blessing is thinner, the perfection is spectacular, and the blessing is thicker. Shantou decides the achievements of future generations and decides the wealth of future generations. The mountain trend is going forward, and the pulse is connected. There is no principle of separation between rivers. If there is a river separation in the middle, it is to admit the wrong mountain. The so-called dragon to the top is the end of the mountain.

2. Surrounding buildings

If you choose a graveyard, you must pay attention to the surrounding buildings. If there are buildings in the graveyard, such as bridges, villages, fire kiln, factories, etc., you must be 50-100 meters outside Mingtang, named outside the case mountain, all for auspicious things, ten years. For a long time, the family must have a small name (or university, secondary school, village 10, etc.). If the 3-10 meters from the Tomb of the Ming Dynasty is a fierce elephant, his family will not be lucky, and the bankruptcy will continue. If all the parties have more verification. There are also graves that cannot be built into the cemetery. After the temple is called the temple, if you want to choose the place called the feng shui of the gods, it will cause the wrath of the gods and ghosts, and the home is fierce.

3. Surrounding bridge

If the bridge does not appear in the forward nozzle, it is harmless for 100 meters. If it is within 15 meters, there is a bridge line to the grave, and on the left is the dragon. If it is on the right The orientation is not auspicious for the tiger to eat, and the Quartet and so on. If the above situation occurs in the southwest corner of Yangzhai, the incident is even more fierce.

The above points must be paid attention to. If you don't pay attention, you will end up suffering from infinity.