How to look at the feng shui feng shui

  When choosing a cemetery, its orientation must be very particular. The best cemetery is oriented towards the east, of course, because the east is a place of sunrise, and there are more energies, although the soul in the cemetery is afraid of the sun, but if it is already buried Anyone who is safe will not be afraid of the sun. In this way, the vitality of the morning sun will naturally enhance its feng shui.

How to look at the feng shui feng shui

How to look at the feng shui feng shui

First, how to choose the feng shui of the cemetery (graveyard)?

1. You must first know where the dragon's veins of the cemetery come from? The direction of the feng shui in the cemetery depends on the direction. The feng shui selected must be the direction that the dragon can travel. What direction does the dragon gas follow? Is it a dead dragon or a living dragon? Some are more than dragon veins, but sand protectors. Simply put, the dragon vein is very imposing, and it is alive and alive. It is a mountain-going gorge. It is full of potential, lush vegetation, and strong soil. The sand protection is not, it is very stable, it is slow, it is lifeless, and it is barren and hairless.

2. Watch the feng shui of the cemetery garden, whether there is the main mountain, Shaozu Mountain, and Taizu Mountain. If there are conditions, you must choose a cemetery park with the main mountain, Shaozu Mountain, and Zushan.

3. Qinglong Mountain, Baihu Mountain, Hushan, Case Mountain, Chaoshan and Shuikou Mountain of feng shui garden feng shui are also important considerations. These factors are in line with Fengshui Mountain's requirements. There are many cemeteries built in the middle of the ravine. It looks like a mountain holding a water ring. In fact, it is just in the middle of the two mountains. The water in the cemetery is also just a "leakage". The so-called leaking water, as the name suggests, the water leaking from the "face". That is to say, the running water is directly from both sides of the cemetery, without the water that hugs and surrounds.

4. The feng shui of the cemetery garden is also very important. The size and height of the Mingtang, the orientation of the water, and the distance.

5. There are also many foundations for feng shui, which must be clarified.

6, the grave is the shade, if this fast place can not see the sun all year round, called the yin is too strong, no matter how good the external environment, this place can not be chosen, the choice of this place must be scarce male, woman melancholy. The yin house also needs good sun exposure conditions, and there is a harmonious sunshine. It is one of the good feng shui conditions;

7. The tombs on the edge of the mountain or the tombs on the top of the mountain cannot be chosen. It is easy to bring the hardships of labor and even the situation of defeating the family;

8. The graves that have water flowing down from the top of the head cannot be selected. It is a fierce phase. The Lord often has sick and weak people in his home. Therefore, when choosing a cemetery, you should avoid this kind of terrain.

9, the cemetery above the high-voltage line can not be selected, subject to the high-voltage line magnetic field interference, the electorate of the main family decline, no one succeeds;

10. The place near the root of the cemetery cannot be selected. The election is easy to be controversial, and the contradictions of future generations are constant;

11, to choose a square meter or more, there is a side of the cable, and will form a right angle, for the Kyrgyzstan. Try to build a boundary line in the cemetery. There is no grave in the boundary. The Lord can easily entangle with others;

12. If the cemetery tomb is a tomb that has been used by others, do not choose, the choice will have the suspicion of occupying other people's homeland, and the family will have a phenomenon of spiritual upper body;

13. On the steep mountain, the graves on the ashes wall should not be chosen. Some cemetery places to build the so-called ash wall in order to save the land, or to build a grave on the steep mountain. Looking down, it is deep and steep. The tomb can not be selected, the choice of the family has no foundation, the popularity of wealth is down;

14. There should be loess and flowers around the whole grave. It is impossible to lay all the slate, cement and stone. The main home is not enough for the sake of the wealth. The Fengshui stone mountain is expensive. The cemetery without soil is not a little flower. It is a Fierce land. The above is some common sense that the public cemetery chooses to report to the land of Enfu. There is not much professional Feng Shui theory. The friends will understand at a glance. These small details will definitely have some help for the old and the future. Will give you damage, if you want to use a professional theory to choose a good for all aspects of your good fortune, non-professional teachers can not do it, the above aspects are considered comprehensively, all aspects of the factors are balanced, according to the principle of Feng Shui, you can initially Determine the location of the feng shui in the cemetery. With the location of the feng shui, you can further see if the feng shui area meets the feng shui qi. The qi of feng shui mainly considers whether the feng shui area meets the numerology of the person to be buried or will be buried. What is the position of the feng shui? What is the orientation of each room sand? The direction of the water and the direction of the water and the choice of the water Azimuth, etc., all parties are rushing.

Second, how to choose the Jigong in the cemetery? A good feng shui pattern is also the momentum of the dragon. The cemetery should have sand protection on both sides. In the dense cemetery, choose a point that depends on the vein line, because this is a strong dragon. Where. This requires experience to judge. It is also not optional at the Dragon's Crossing Gorge, because the "Funny Book" says: The broken stone is too simple to be buried. The acupoints are big, but Luocheng wants to gather and gather. It is better to receive raw water with Longshui. During the quarantine feng shui inquisition and acupuncture, thousands of tombs in the cemetery are lined up in an orderly manner. After many Feng Shui masters enter the cemetery, there is no way to analyze the gratitude and blessings of a grave. The two graves that are close to each other are good or bad, and the root cause of this problem, in addition to the positive error in Feng Shui theory, is that there is a major reason for the problem of thinking. If you want to let the descendants of the deceased prosperous and prosperous, you must find Geely's acupuncture points on the dragon's pulse. In the cemetery, there are many dead people buried in the cemetery. Maybe Geely's acupuncture points have already been occupied by others, even if it is Geely's acupoints. Find it, and it is very likely that you are the one who found the treasure but the last one to enter the cave. You will also get nothing. That is to say, in order to make future generations prosperous, it is best not to choose a cemetery. However, then again, if you only want to protect your peace and tranquility, then you can avoid the dangerous points in the cemetery, and if you are not the first to enter the cemetery, if the cemetery If 80% are occupied by others, then even if the ancestors are buried in the dangerous acupoints, there will be no particularly huge disaster, because most of the dangerous energy in the dragon vein has been taken away by others. In the cemetery, if you find Geely's acupuncture points, it is best to find a way to investigate the basic family situation of other tomb owners within three meters before and after. The key is to investigate the basic family situation of these people since they buried their ancestors here. If these people have been rich and developed since they buried their ancestors here, and they have been buried for a long time (more than five years) or have had children, it means that the auspicious energy here has been absorbed by others. The acupuncture points should be re-selected. When re-selecting acupuncture points, you can first look down the graves. Because of the high-to-low flow of the gas, it is very likely that there will be a lot of energy downstream, and the downstream acupoints will be relatively auspicious. Of course, if there is energy downstream of these acupoints, it is necessary to determine the flow of the gas veins according to the trend of the dragon veins. Under normal circumstances, the gas veins flow deeper inside the mountain range, and there is still greater energy downstream; If the gas veins flow on the surface of the mountain, then there is no energy in the downstream. At this time, some gas can be intercepted in the upstream. In all parts of the country, there are things like “following feng shui” everywhere. The so-called “follow the feng shui” is: If a family is rich and wealthy, then many other people will bury their ancestors before and after the ancestral grave of the rich and the rich. Left and right, I think that we can "grab the feng shui", but in fact, it is absolutely impossible for every household to pay only. Because of what? Because of what I said before. In Feng Shui, we call the mountains (or rivers) dragon veins, there are many Geely acupuncture points on the dragon veins, there are also many dangerous points, and there are more ordinary acupuncture points without any big and no fierce. The purpose of our acupoints is to absorb the energy contained in the dragon veins, and everything has a two-sided yin-positive, and the energy contained in the dragon veins is also divided into auspicious energy and sinister energy. After comprehensive consideration and balance of the above factors, the location of the feng shui land in the cemetery can be initially determined according to the principle of feng shui. In the case of the same dragon pulse, carefully observe the front, back, left and right of the cemetery garden, choose the most middle, the most acceptable to the Long Qi Ji points. Because the strength of the dragon in the cemetery is directly related to the wealth and poverty of future generations. Finally, at the acupoints, see whether the Mingtang, the waterway, the sand direction, etc. are the most important ones. This is the most crucial step in the cemetery.

In addition to this, we must avoid the following disadvantages:

1. Be warm (that is, collect wind and gather gas), that is, the selected hole should be sheltered from the wind, try to find a place without wind or wind.

2, the amount to avoid a small ditch in front of the hole and the water flow straight, become the morning water, leading to the loss of the offspring.

3. Because most of the cemeteries are developed in the form of terraced fields, the cemetery in the back row is close to the mountain wall, which is easy to be harmed by the head water or the water of the cave, and the later generations are vulnerable to injury, breaking the money or suffering from strange evidence.

4, too close to the trees are not good, because the extension of the roots of the tree disturbs the coffin and makes the offspring uneasy.

5, to avoid the Yellow Spring line, because the receipt of Huangquan water will return to the wounded, will never be available.

6, can not take the line of emptiness, because the lineage will cause the descendants to retreat. In short, after selecting the Jiji point, Yilailong and the sand water before and after, try to use the position, combine the immortality, and the annual transportation to establish the best direction, in order to make the descendants and grandchildren get the most good effect. Since there is no such modern cemetery in our ancient times, and Feng Shui is passed down from ancient times, we must not be rigid and out of context, and we must combine it with the civilization of modern society on the basis of mastering the essence of Yijing Fengshui. The real "ancient for today". Keep in mind that Tai Chi is nothing but a small one. In addition, the ground should also pay attention to it, do not think that only the mountain cemetery is to pay attention to feng shui, the flat cemetery is also pay attention to, but the flat feng shui method is different.