Yin House Feng Shui Case

Mr. Feng Shui how to smash dragons, observe sand, view water, acupoints, orientation, examples of feng shui acupoints in Yin House, three years to find a dragon, ten years of acupoints is not an easy task. Acupuncture is the essence of Feng Shui; it is also the most difficult and core subject; it is also the best referee for the final acceptance of Shantou.

Yin House Feng Shui Case

Feng Shui Cases in Yin Zhai

Feng Shui Cases in Yin Zhai (1)

In the winter of 2006, a leader invited the author to survey the feng shui of his family's ancestral grave, which is located in shishan township, zhuanghe city. This mountain is the remnant of Changbai Mountain. It passes through the gorge layer by layer and winds up with holes.  The tomb is a turtle-shaped land, which is a mountain turtle. The turtle-shaped landowner is rich and expensive. The mountain is tall and plump. The rosefinch side has Bijia Mountain as the case. The three auspicious and six beautiful sides have Xiufeng rising. The Qinglong Mountain is on the left and the White Tiger Mountain is on the right. The tomb is buried at the junction of the turtle cover and the turtle tail of the turtle-shaped land. This is the main cave of the turtle-shaped land, which can be called a place of wealth and good fortune.

Before coming to the tomb, use the compass outer plate to see the water law. The water coming is from the southwest, the water going to Shuikou is near the northeast Guichou, and the gas of the bullfight Nadine Geng. This tomb is the Ding Long of the Golden Bureau.  Looking at the first dragon with the Luo Jingren plate, the first dragon is located in the southeast, and it is the emperor Wang dragon, which can be described as a dragon born flourishing.  Using compass to orient the territory, Jiashan Geng's direction and Shen San's three points are regarded as Yinglu. This direction method is the positive direction in Yang Gong's poverty relief law. The name of Sanhe Lianzhu is priceless.  He said that Yang Gong's efforts to save the poor and enter the world will be greatly enhanced by the Water Law and the Water Law of Jincheng with its jade belt wrapped around its waist. He is very rich and expensive, and his people are very prosperous. He is loyal, filial and virtuous, and his men and women live a long life, making him prosperous.

The Water Law of the Nine Palaces says: Before the Emperor Wang Dynasty came to gather, there was a flourishing atmosphere in the farmlands.  The high rank of the official is highly respected, and the golden valley is full of surplus money.  Most afraid of breaking up the prison, Shi Chong is not rich for many years.  Wang Fang's roots are thin, he lacks food and is poor and resentful of heaven.

Jin Suo Yu Guan Feng Shui Yun:

If you follow a simple example, you will have more female dolls, more articles, and more reading clerks.

The situation started at Wat, and the official became famous. His appearance was like Wat's pen, and his calligraphy was also fragrant.

In the event of a flood of water, you will find that you are a good person, and you will find that all the sand in the three green fields will make your family prosperous.

If it is mixed with water and dried, a fresh flower on it will look like a wolf, and the appearance of a person will be especially beautiful.

If there is a storm in the lake, it must be among geese.

Sand can make you rich, blood and wealth are limitless, the eldest son is cosmopolitan, and the sex is good at picking wild flowers.

If it is shaped like a few arches, it is famous for its three links, and if it is shaped like a chicken's claw, the army thief will make his home.

A horse keeps riding in the Dragon Palace, and when it gets to the middle of the day, it will be prosperous. If it gets up in white waves, it will not be difficult to control it smoothly.

From the perspective of the five geomantic strategies, geomantic gold bureau, dragon and water cooperation, Geng is a husband and ding is a woman.  Geng is yang, ding is yin.  Heptyl is water, Ding is dragon.  Dragon born, water flourishing.  The flourishing of water is the birth of a dragon.  Li Jia Shan Gengxiang, Long De Sheng Wang, Water De Sheng Wang, Full Bureau Sheng Wang, Yuan Guan Tong Qiao, Long Shui Tong Gui Yi Ku, is the road of Yin and Yang.  According to the Fengshui house division method at Luantou, the left main room 147, the middle room 258 and the right main room 369 are tall, plump and thick on the left, high in the east and low in the west, flat in the middle and low in the right.  To sum up, this tomb is a geomantic treasure land with rich wealth and high price. The male is the oldest and the fourth.  In fact, the eldest brother became an official and the fourth became rich in business, and their reputation spread far and wide.

Feng Shui Cases in Yin Zhai (2)

The Sunda Mountains were laid to rest on the 7th.

On November 18, 2007, the author was invited by his family to survey feng shui to see if it was available for his mother to be buried together 100 years later.

The Sunda dragon entered the first place and sat back in the Xuanwu Tushan, leaving and gen gong to drain the exchange palace. it was a small reservoir.  Shuikou is in unitary, Dui Palace is open, Xiushan is far away, Longhu arch protection is away and dry, inner Mingtang is narrow, Kungong Xiushan is far away.

Fig. 1. chart of chemical gas flying stars




Figure 2. Flying Stars during Burial




"Heaven and Jade Sutra" said: "Knowing the zero and the positive deities means that the sun rises to the highest level.  Ignorant of zero and positive gods, the generation of no evil;  The two characters of yin and yang are zero and positive, and one should know when one is seated. "  This place was buried during the 7th transportation, with Shuikou at the top, wuhuang at the top, and nine purple at Shuikou, which was the place where the money dragon entered first.

Just four green into the palace, three blue to sit, wuhuang to the direction, is god down the mountain, zero god, known is the land of the hair woman, against men, wuhuang for the emperor extremely square, like empty, so to not auspicious, to the wrong tune.

After asking, what is the actual situation?  * * * * A man, considering that there were more women than men at that time, when looking for a person to survey feng shui, he deliberately changed the direction to "dry" in order to take care of the men. He wanted both men and women to flourish.  At present, the actual situation is that there are more women than men, and the proportion is out of balance. This man Ding Sheng is still a woman.

Feng Shui Cases in Yin Zhai (3)

In the spring of 2008, a real estate developer asked me to check the feng shui of his ancestral grave.  As the saying goes, "I don't know the rules of life, I don't know the future, I don't know the geography, I don't know the people".  In order to measure the feng shui of the yin house, one must have real talents and substantial practical experience. otherwise, one will not only harm others but also oneself.

The ancestral grave of his family is located in Ronghua Mountain Town, zhuanghe city. When he came to the grave, he climbed up and looked out. The mountain is beautiful and covered with green trees. There is a golden hill behind the grave to sit on. The grave is surrounded by clear water from a reservoir. The chopping hill is surrounded by treasure hill. There are Qinglong Mountain on the left and Baihu Mountain on the right. There are all four gods. There are auspicious peaks standing on the three auspicious and six beautiful sides. The grave is buried in the nest of the golden hill. It is really a place where the mountains are surrounded by water, the tigers are crouching on the dragon coil, and the wind is gathering.

The compass is used to measure the direction of sand water in the dragon cave of this tomb. The dragon entering the head is gen dragon entering the head, and the outlet is located in gen yin side. The gas of bull fighting Nadine Geng shows that this tomb is the gold bureau Ding Long, the vertical direction is gen yin direction, the direction of longevity is the method of dividing gold into e yin and dividing gold into e yin.

The Five Rules of Geography say: Kan Owe Kun Rabbit Shock Mountain Monkey, Xun Ji Gan Ma Dui Snakehead, Gen Hu Li pig is evil spirit, once the house is closed.

These are the eight evil spirits on the dragon, that is, the dragon does not set its direction, the Kun dragon does not set its direction, the Xun dragon does not set its direction, the dry dragon does not set its direction, the exchange dragon does not set its direction, the gen dragon does not set its direction, and the distance from the dragon does not set its direction.  From this, we can see that this tomb has committed eight evil spirits on the dragon, and is also fierce. The most serious one is defeated and will definitely hurt others.

The water law of the Nine Palaces says: The first health preserving water comes to the hall, the greedy wolf stars shine on the articles, the long children and grandchildren are rich, the people are loyal and virtuous, the spring tide of water music is heavy in office, the small water bay is long in life, the health preserving flow is broken, and the young widow lives in empty rooms.  The tomb is of gen yin orientation and its outlet is gen yin.  From this, we can see that this grave has committed a crime of rushing into the water to break the flood. It is also fierce, and the most serious one has no heir.

The Eight Yellow Springs of Fengshui in Yang Gong Water Law says: Set up a Jiageng and Bingren direction, with Gankun Gen Xun coming to the official water to save the poor yellow spring, for example, from the top down to the left, Gankun Gen Xun came to the official position and was released as the Killing Rhubarb Spring;  Li Yi Xin Ding Gui poured to the left and to the right, and released to the four unique positions of Gan Kun Gen Xun to save the poor yellow spring water.  Such as from the top down to the left, from dry kun gen xun to water up, face to face out for no water back, is killing rhubarb spring water.  From this, we can see that the grave has committed the murder of rhubarb spring water. The murderer is also fierce. The son of the main wounded and successful man will be the male who died in a violent and early death.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the tomb committed the eight evil spirits on the dragon, the water law of breaking the flourishing and the spring water of killing rhubarb.  According to this, I will give a keynote speech on the matter. The tomb is a land of geomantic treasures. However, the tomb's geomantic orientation is wrong and it has made a big mistake. It will surely lead to the death of future generations, and it should be on the long male.  In fact, the victim's family was rich. The victim's son was drinking and fighting with others in a hotel. Finally, he was sentenced to death in a homicide case.