Graveyard Geomantic

  Some people have been looking for a master to see the feng shui moved to the grave mountain before Qingming? Can the feng shui of the cemetery really affect the development of future generations? Let's learn the introduction of feng shui in the cemetery. Since ancient times, the Chinese have attached great importance to the idea of "being in the land for peace" and "the combination of heaven and man." Not only pay attention to the feng shui of the living environment, but also pay attention to the feng shui environment of the cemetery. Follow the Feng Shui experts to see what the cemetery Feng Shui is getting started with.

Graveyard Geomantic

Graveyard Geomantic

Tomb of Feng Shui, the tomb of Chiang Mai

The ideal Feng Shui treasure land is backed by the main mountain and the mountain ring is surrounded by water. The main mountain is far-reaching, the gas is prosperous, there must be mountain ring protection around, or there is a sand mountain guard before and after the left and right, so that the wind can be cultivated. There must be a water phase in front, the water should not be urgent, the sky gate should be opened, and the landlord should be closed. In this way, water can be stored, which is the ideal feng shui mode.

Choosing the cemetery to see the direction first, as the saying goes: sit north to the south, the emperor, sit west to the east, rich and wealthy; look at the terrain, back to the mountains, two hills, it is a high chair, but also people, face water, When you can make money. However, it is generally necessary to choose the place where there is a front and a back, that is, there is a stream of water flowing through it, and then there is a mountain peak, and the inner layer is covered with greenery, that is to say, the cemetery is to be mountainous.

Yin house feng shui, graves should be back to the mountain water

The mountains and rivers have no spirits, and the bones have the Lord. If you bury the bones of the Lord and the incompetent bones on a pretty good and uninhabited mountain, you will have the spirit of the invisible bones, and the ownerless mountains and rivers will have masters. This is called qi in Feng Shui. Good temperament will have great fortune for future generations, and wealth, Ding, Gui, and Shou can all come out here.

How can we find the feng shui treasures that rely on the mountains and waters? First of all, the land is expensive, the flat land is the best feng shui treasure land, the ancients built the tombs of the ancient times, all of them demanded the mountain, that is, looking for the positive position in the mountains, but found the positive position, It is also in a flat open mountain, not built on a cliff. Therefore, the site of the cemetery should be flat. Secondly, looking for real dragons around the water, good cemeteries require dragon veins, the so-called dragon veins, that is, the hills with better light. Looking for a relatively flat terrain on the mountain to build a tomb, meaning that there is a mountain god suppression, the wild ghosts dare not come to disturb. For a good cemetery, there must be water, the mountain is yang, the water is yin, and the yin and yang should be reconciled. Surrounded by double water, the real dragon image. Many of the ancient tombs were dug out on the river, because of this. There are mountains, waters and plants, and that is a better place to be feng shui.

Life has an end, Feng Shui is a future generation. The feng shui layout of the cemetery is good, and the yin and shelter of the descendants of the future generations are long-lasting. A good feng shui feng shui can not only be a descendant of the future generations, but also bring peace and wealth.