Tomb feng shui

  The feng shui of the tomb says: After the burial of the deceased, the infuriating will combine with the gas to form an anger. Through the yin and yang exchanges, there is an influence in the meditation, and the gas transportation of the relatives around the world. Both yin and yang will become wind when they are called out. When they rise to the sky, they become clouds. When they fall, they become rain. When they are popular, they become angry. Being angry is popular in the underground, and you can raise everything when you grow your hair. Man is the crystal of the mother's mother blood, so people are also the crystal of yin and yang.

Tomb feng shui

Tomb feng shui

When the Qingming sweeps the grave and pays homage to the ancestors, the friends must carefully check the environment around the cemetery to see if there are any factors affecting the feng shui of the cemetery. I will talk to you today, I must know the feng shui of the cemetery should pay attention to matters.

Feng Shui in the cemetery: must know the feng shui of the cemetery should pay attention to matters

First, the tombstone damage

Some damage to the tombstone is natural damage, and some people are damaged. If it is natural weathering, small lines and cracks can be ignored. However, if it is artificial, large damage should be considered to replace the tombstone, and if the surrounding tombstones are very tall, then this is very small, you should also consider replacement. Tombstones should pay attention to some details. For details, please refer to my previous blog post "How to Settle a Monument".

Second, the vegetation growing in the grave

Small flower vegetation has little effect on the feng shui of the cemetery. If there are large shaped lush trees on the grave, it is necessary to repair it in time. Because the large roots of the trees are developed, it is easy to infiltrate the tomb and bring negative energy to your ancestral grave. Influence feng shui.

3. Check whether there are any collapses, deep holes, deep pits, and canals around the cemetery. Whether there are sudden rises of high hills, high buildings, railways, highways, etc., are close to the cemetery.

1. Collapse caused by collapse, animal pirates, such as mouse, snake worms, etc. This situation is a general natural collapse, no serious problems, it is good to use soil culture. If there is not enough soil around the cemetery, you can also take clean soil from the outside to cultivate the grave. This has little effect on the feng shui of the cemetery. Don't make a fuss.

2, the tomb thief stealing holes, construction pits, trenching, close to the ancestral grave, protruding high-rises, high hills, this is more serious, easy to threaten the ancestral grave. In this case, it is necessary to repair or relocate the grave according to the specific circumstances of the damage. When these problems occur, you have to calm down and specifically identify the plot. If you are not sure, you should find a professional feng shui to diagnose and identify.

After the family's ancestral grave was destroyed by the tomb, the ancestors violently ruined the wilderness, causing the family's luck to fall sharply and plummeted. In the past, there were many enemies. In order to defeat the other side and destroy the feng shui of the opponent's graves, the purpose of harming each other was also caused. There were also many cases of dragons and feng shui that hurt their own homes because of digging pits, repairing canals, building houses, and building buildings. Finally, more or less affects the luck of his family's offspring. These examples show that it is very necessary to protect the ancestral feng shui. In addition, we must also remind you that without professional Feng Shui knowledge and rich experience, or through professional Feng Shui teacher guidance, it is not advisable to repair and migrate the ancestors' graves at will. Sometimes it will backfire and bring you bad consequences.