House feng shui

  For the placement in the home, many people will be placed at their own pace, not to be placed according to the feng shui, it is easy to touch the feng shui taboo, and if you touch the feng shui taboo will affect the fortune. So, what is the taboo of Feng Shui in the home? Let's take a look!

House feng shui

House feng shui


1, living room light

If the living room of the house is dark, you can add pictures and lights to make up for it. The hanging picture should be bright and square, and avoid the solitude. If a landscape painting is hung in the hall, it is necessary to observe the water flow to the inside of the house and not to flow outward. Because the owner of the mountain has a small amount of water, the water flows into the inner stream and the treasure flows out. Ship paintings should make the bow head to the house, and avoid going out of the house, damaging the money to the entrants, and recruiting money into the entrants. The paintings and expressions on the home Geely include peony paintings symbolizing wealth and prosperity, symbolizing the auspicious patterns such as lotuses that are more than a year, and the long and dark cypresses that symbolize health and longevity. As for the "word", it is appropriate to use calligraphy that symbolizes good fortune and good prayer.

2, the decoration of the indoor wall clock

Some foyer and room wall clocks are necessary, especially for integrated offices. It is more important to hang clocks, because hanging clocks in these places can have five major functions. One is to recruit fortune, the other is to avoid evil, the third is to help the host, and the fourth is Under the management department, the fifth is the time. Feng Shui master Liu Yerong reminds you that if you don't know the hang of the clock, you can't go to the wrong place. The front of the clock can't be inward. It should be facing the door or balcony. The direction of the window is good.

3, the four positive position protrudes from east to west and is four square

It is the location of peach blossoms. This position should be square and square. The size of the space should be neat and uniform, and should be clean and bright. If the four orientations are different in size, the bevels and the rounded corners are convex, then the mind is in danger, lack of righteousness, and the business life is not smooth, and the ideal desire is difficult to achieve. Individuals are greedy and lascivious, their bodies are damaged, affecting the development of their careers, and they are unpopular.

4, doors and windows are normally open and closed

Regardless of whether the room is occupied or not, the doors and windows in the room should be normally open and closed, so that the momentum flows and the air is renewed, so that "the water does not rot, the hub is not smashed." In addition, Master Liu Yourong also reminds you that the door can not be too large, so as not to vent your money.

5, the furniture matches the size of the house

If the house is small, the furniture in the room should not be too big, and the hanging mirror should not be too big.

6, the use of Feng Shui objects

Some people like to use gossip mirrors, wind chimes and other things, but they don't know the rules, so they can't be used in the home, which is counterproductive, so as not to hurt the body. If there are any shortcomings in the pattern, please ask the relevant professionals to give pointers.


7, indoor color matching

The color of the room can be white, yellow, red, blue, green, etc. From the perspective of the five elements, it is better to circulate the color of the five punishments. The ceiling of the living room symbolizes "the sky", and the color is of course suitable for lightness. The so-called light and light color; generally speaking, white, light yellow and light blue, symbolizing the blue sky, while white symbolizes the white clouds. The color of the floor should be slightly darker, in order to meet the weight of the sky.

8, the top beam topping

The influence of the beam on the feng shui pattern is huge. If you are at the beam of the office, then you have a big problem. The business is suppressed and it is difficult to rise. Therefore, when choosing the office location, be sure not to get close to the beam and try to stay away from it. In this position, if it is really inconvenient to move the station, then the beam on the top of the desk will be covered.

9, the stairs in the middle of the room

The houses with stairs are often duplex buildings or villas, small rural buildings. It is possible to have upper and lower structures in these places. The stairs are placed in the center of the house. Our Feng Shui is based on the evolution of Heluofang. The most important point is the theoretical point. It is the Jiugong map. The central part of the Jiugong is the pole. It is the place where the main static state is, and it is also the place for prisoners. Therefore, this place serves as an entrance and exit, and it has the function of moving the static star, and it is also because of the cause of the prisonland. It is also an unfavorable structure, so it is unfavorable to place the stairs in the center of the house.

10. The bedroom is large and the living room is small.

Our house is a Taiji point, a room is also a Taiji point, Taiji points to separate the primary and secondary structure, the relationship between a house and the living room is larger, because the living room is mostly yang, the main room, the room is yin, For the second time, the living room is also a place for activities, so the living room is larger than the room as required. But now some people in order to pursue some ideal life, open the room, causing the room to be too large, but less polite, this can be called a small horse-drawn cart, the main point is not divided, this kind of house is not good fortune, Unfavorable interpersonal relationship development. The resistance of the cause will be greater.

11, avoid having windows, there is no window

One of the big things in the living room feng shui is that there is no window in the corner of the living room, which will cause the financial position of the financial position to be lost, which will inevitably lead to problems such as not gathering wealth, breaking money, and fortunes. If you can't close the window, place a cornucopia or crystal ball in this position to gather the gas field. You can also use the gourd. Usually, you need to close the window and thicken the curtains to reduce the loss of money.


Home feng shui taboo plant decoration

Taboo 1: Don't install too many mirrors at home, especially the mirror, which will destroy the magnetic field of the home. Now many people will put some mirrors in the room to extend the space. For decoration, decorative mirrors can be used, but taboos are used. Too much is that there is also a mirror in the bedroom, which will be disordered due to the magnetic field.

Suggestion: If you really want to install a mirror in the house, it is recommended to install only one wall. If you install two sides, it will have a reflection effect, or you can also use it for decoration and cover it with a cloth.

Taboo 2: If the balcony is facing the door or the kitchen, it can be blocked with decorative curtains, etc. The entrance door should not be facing the balcony. Facing the balcony, it will form a penetrating power, which will cause no wealth in the home. On the contrary, it will be lost.

Suggestion: You can make a porch barrier between the balcony and the gate, or place some fish tanks between the balcony and the gate. If there is a water-repellent person in the house, you can use a screen. In addition, some plants such as flowers or vines can be planted on the balcony.

Taboo 3: The position of the kitchen stove can not be placed against the door of the rear balcony or the door facing the kitchen, which will damage the health of people who often eat at home.

Recommendation: You can put a barrier on the door of the balcony or on the door of the kitchen.

Should sit down

The living room financial position is a place where the living room is trapped in the air. If people spend more time in this place, they will be very helpful to the fortune. You can set up a sofa or chair nearby.

Should be able to gather wealth, lucky Feng Shui ornaments

The financial position can be placed in the three-legged gold plaque, enamel, cornucopia, elephant, crystal ball, gourd and other wealth-saving ornaments. Be sure to read clearly before placing it. Don't put the savage beasts, such as lions and tigers, so as not to drive away the fortune.