Residential feng shui

  The house is refined, qi, and god. The primary function of the house: to block the outside world, tolerate the self, to calm the air, to settle down, to rely on the private life and spiritual temperament of the individual. Spirit - peace and contentment. Embracing the earth and enjoying yourself - the characteristics of China. Siheyuan. Western mainstream: small villa + garden. Home gas does not refer to the old and new level of the house, but to the atmosphere. It consists of decoration pattern, color matching, furniture placement, calligraphy and painting photos, and plant ornaments.

Residential feng shui

Residential feng shui

First, a livable house feng shui

(1) The wind should be soft

Residential Feng Shui knowledge, residential wind should be soft

The ideal living environment should be gently blown by a gentle breeze. The breeze is cool, and it is in line with the feng shui. If you find that the wind near the house is very strong and you are very eager, then you should not buy it, because even if the house is really cohesive, it will be blown away by the wind. Feng Shui attaches the utmost importance to "Tibet and gas gathering", but the strong winds will certainly not be a prosperous place! It should be noted that the wind is too big, but if the wind is too slow, the air is not circulated, and it is not good. Ground!

(2) sunny

Yangzhai Feng Shui is the most concerned about the sun, so choose a house, not only the air is refreshing, but also sunny. If the house is not sunny enough, it will often be too suffocating, which will lead to restless homes and unfit for living.

Residential feng shui knowledge, residential should be sunny

(3) Topography Yiping

If the house is second only to the slope, then you should be very careful when purchasing it. From the perspective of feng shui, the flat houses are more stable, and the slopes are quite dangerous!

If the door of the house is facing a very steep hillside, then it should not be chosen as a residence, because not only the family wealth is leaked, but also the family members are separated, and they will not go back.

In general, houses on slopes are prone to losses, while houses under slopes are vulnerable. The house is located at the bottom of the sloping slope. Because the suffocation is too urgent and too strong, it often leads to casualties.

Residential feng shui knowledge, residential should be flat

Second, three kinds of houses are not suitable for home

The first one: watching feng shui not only depends on your own home but also on the surrounding environment, especially with you, because it also affects you. Therefore, there is no Mingtang residence between the family and the family you are facing at the door. It must not be bought because this kind of structure is unfavorable for wealth and cannot be resolved.

Second: You cannot buy a round house. The place is round, and the circle is active, the square is static, and the home should be quiet and unmovable, so the round star is best used as a shopping mall, not as a home.

The third type: you can't buy a transparent house, because the transparent glass curtain building on the four sides is only suitable for the office without privacy, not suitable for home. If used to live at home, it is a crime of "diarrhea": in addition to people's restlessness, flustered, it is easy to make family members often squabble, women at home are also prone to affair.

Residential feng shui knowledge, transparent houses are not suitable for living

Third, the house feng shui and the surrounding environment

1. Street anti-bow should not be suitable

The so-called "anti-bow" of the street means that the street in front of the house is curved, and the curved position is straight into the door. Feng Shui learns to call it "the sickle cuts the waist". Such a house should not be purchased, and it should be avoided.

2, avoid the sky

The so-called "Scorpio" refers to a narrow gap between two high-rise buildings; because it seems to be split into two halves from the air with a knife, it is called Scorpio. If the house is facing "Scorpio", it is likely to have bloody disasters: the narrower the gap, the more fierce the gap will be. The closer the distance is, the more dangerous it is! Therefore, it is not appropriate to choose to live in the house of Scorpio, but if there is another behind it Buildings fill the gaps.

Residential feng shui knowledge, not suitable for Scorpio

3, after the temple is not suitable

The front of the official residence (especially the police station and the military camp) and the back of the temple are not suitable for residence. The reason is that the door is murderous. If it lives on the opposite side, it will bear the brunt. If it can't afford it, there will be casualties. The temple is a place where the yin is condensed. It is not appropriate to live too close.

Summary: Feng Shui has a large audience in China, especially some scholars who are easy to learn. They understand the feng shui. Xiao Bian believes that the previous feng shui is a metaphysics. That is because everyone doesn't know much about Feng Shui. Now the feng shui is more. It is biased towards energy magnetics and psychology.

4, bogey arrow

"Arrow" refers to the sharp corners of the house, and the sharp corners are shot like an arrow, commonly known as "arrows." The house finances that make "arrows" cannot accumulate, and the causes of bankruptcy are mostly related to the following problems: breaking money because of physical health problems; being deceived by others to break the money. The method of phlegm must be. "Heaven and Earth" started: the five emperors in the threshold, this is the geochemical method; a convex mirror is hung at the threshold, this is the Tianhua method; in the hall pull ring, a beast head with a pull ring is used. It is a humanized law.