Office feng shui

  The layout of the room cannot be placed in the direction of the third year of the flow. In the Year of the Horse, the robbers are in the sea, and the disaster is in the middle of the country. It is best not to sit in the north position in the Year of the Horse. Wang Cai Ji Li is sitting in the Year of the Horse. The most advantageous position is the Southern Tai Sang. Therefore, which side of the wind and water, which side to use, which side to use. We need to use the office feng shui when we are setting up the office.

Office feng shui

Office feng shui

Office feng shui, office orientation, what is placed on the desk

The four major directions of the office

First, the feng shui on the left side of the seat (Qinglong)

The left hand of each person's office is called the "Qinglong" position. Qinglong represents the nobles. Therefore, it will have a great impact on the future development of everyone.

1. The left hand "Qinglong" should not be low.

High here will help you to fully play and enhance your luck. If you are low here, it will lead to depression, and you will not be interested in doing things. If you feel powerless, it will directly affect your work efficiency.

2. The Green Dragon is especially suitable for placing some broad-leaved green plants with strong vitality.

3. It should be kept clean, tidy and orderly.

Second, the feng shui of the right side of the seat (White Tiger)

The right side of the office is called "White Tiger" in Feng Shui. The White Tiger has the power of murder and represents the leadership.

1, the white tiger position should be low should not be high.

This position is just the opposite of the Qinglong position mentioned above. It should be low and should not be high. If it is higher than the left hand here, it will make people feel bad, and even the simplest work in daily life will not do well. From the perspective of feng shui, it will lead to confusion for the villains, the recognition of the leaders, the instability of the work, the disharmony of colleagues, and even the squid.

2, the white tiger position should not have sharp corners, it is not appropriate to put a sharp weapon.

Because the white tiger's five elements are gold, it is not appropriate to have sharp corners or hardware, electrical appliances, knives, etc. If there are such problems, they need to be resolved as soon as possible to avoid adverse effects on their own fortune.

Third, the front of the seat (Suzaku) feng shui pay attention to

The front of the seat is called "Suzaku" in Feng Shui, and Suzaku develops and represents the talent.

1, should be open, the opposite should be no one

In the office, the front of your position, that is, the Suzaku position, should be open, flat, and bright; it symbolizes the future, so at least one to two meters or so. If there is someone opposite the seat, so that your personal privacy is exposed to people, it will cause psychological pressure, and they will be uncomfortable with each other. It is easy to distract their attention when you work. If you cannot change objectively, it is best to put them between the two. Some potted plants are separated by items such as documents.

2, should be neat

Before your office, you must keep it clean, clean, and most uncomfortable. This will also look comfortable, and on the opposite wall, you can hang maps or celebrity calligraphy and paintings and inspire rumors and aphorisms. Conducive to the development of the cause, but also to fully enhance the performance and talents.

Fourth, the rear of the seat (Xuanwu position) feng shui pay attention to

The back of the office is called the "Xuanwu" position. It is not advisable to be empty here. In Feng Shui, it is necessary to have a backing behind it to be stable and stable. The follow-up force is sufficient, there is no worries, there is dependence, and the career development is naturally fast. The backing here refers to the real wall. If the back of the seat is empty, or the aisle or glass window, the owner himself is too light, not easy to get support from others and reused by the boss. I also have no interest in the work and are frustrated. If you really don't have a solid wall to rely on, you can use your own cabinets, tables, etc. to make artificial backing, and you can get the back.