Grave feng shui

How to use the Zhouyi method to see the feng shui of the grave? Many people think that Zhou Yi Feng Shui is a superstitious saying, but it is not like this. What is the precaution of choosing a cemetery? How do you see the feng shui of the grave? Let us Let's take a look at the feng shui related content of the grave.

Grave feng shui

Grave feng shui

Precautions for choosing a cemetery

1. Because the tomb is a yin, if this fast place can't see the sun all the year round, it is called yin, and no matter how good the external environment is, this place can't be chosen. It is inevitable that the man is rare and the woman is depressed. The yin house also needs good sun exposure conditions, and there is a harmonious sunshine. It is one of the good feng shui conditions;

2. The tombs on the edge of the mountain or the tombs on the top of the mountain cannot be chosen, which is easy to bring the hardships of labor, even the trend of defeating the family;

3. The graves that have water flowing down from the top of the head cannot be selected. It is a fierce phase. The Lord often has sick and weak people in his home. Therefore, when choosing a cemetery, you should avoid this kind of terrain;

4. The cemetery above which the high-voltage line passes cannot be selected, and is disturbed by the high-voltage line magnetic field.

5. The place near the root of the cemetery cannot be selected. The election is easy to be controversial, and the contradictions of future generations are constant;

6. To choose a square meter or more, there is a side wired, and will form a right angle, for the Jixiang. Try to build a boundary line in the cemetery. There is no grave in the boundary. The Lord can easily entangle with others;

7. If the cemetery tomb is a tomb that has been used by others, do not choose, the choice will have the suspicion of occupying other people's home, and the family will have a phenomenon of spiritual upper body;

8. On the steep mountain, the graves on the ashes wall should not be chosen. Some cemetery places to build the so-called ash wall in order to save the land, or to build a grave on the steep mountain. Looking down, it is deep and steep. The tomb can not be selected, the choice of the family has no foundation, the popularity of wealth is down;

9. There should be loess and flowers around the whole grave. It is impossible to lay all the slate, cement and stone. The main house is unable to make ends meet. It is the fierceness of the wealth. The Fengshui stone mountain is expensive. The cemetery without soil is not a little flower. It is a Fierce land.

How to see the grave feng shui

The feng shui of the grave is very particular, because it is related to the family's fortune. We don't have a special instrument, we use visual methods to see some simple graves and feng shui. Generally, the graves are chosen to go up the mountain, and there are many auras with mountains and trees. Moreover, the landscape is like a photo, so it is generally said that there is a place with mountains and water. It is best not to have anything to cover the direction of the tombstone. It is best not to be too high or too low, and to see which one is far away. This is the way to look. easier.

Grave maple is not good how to crack

This is a digression, but since it is said that it does not detract from everyone's appetite, I only know some methods that are not too much, such as moving to the grave, if you ask a professional. It is also the best choice to move the grave. In that case, you can find a good Feng Shui treasure in advance. If you can't move the grave, you can artificially feng shui. However, this cost of manpower is quite large, and it is not something that ordinary people can choose. The last method is to ask the professionals to change the pattern of some graves so that they don't get so bad, and also change the decoration and door orientation of the house inside the house. These are all professional tools to operate.

Choose the feng shui of the cemetery

1. The big cemetery environment, the mountain is big, and there is a mountain behind the mountain. This is called the parent mountain;

2. Left and right to the mountain to the guard, like a Taishi chair, the back mountain is high, the left and right guard mountain is low;

3. There must be a mountain in front, to be far away;

4. The middle of the hall should be wide and wide, and can accommodate thousands of troops;

5. There must be a water system around