Office tables and chairs with feng shui

The large layout and small layout of the desk and chair should be reasonable. The office environment is not only affected by the orientation of the tables and chairs, but also with the layout on the desk. If the items on the desktop are laid out correctly, the five elements will produce strong creativity; if the layout is wrong, it will make the work in trouble. For a square desk, when it takes the basic orientation, the eight orientations on it have formed a gossip shape, so the following layout, the general situation will help the career development.

Office tables and chairs with feng shui

Office tables and chairs with feng shui

Office tables and chairs placed in Feng Shui 1:

The final position of the office table and chair is placed against the wall, which is a position on the business wind and water. There is a sense of security that depends on the safety of the workers. It is also very safe for the workers to do things. Back against the wall, but it is not appropriate to have more space behind it, which will make the workers feel the emptiness behind them, and they are suspicious, uneasy, lack of opinion and decisive judgment in the work, so the impact on the work is very big. of. Sometimes workers make frequent mistakes, not enough power, it is likely that the location of the desk can not make him feel at ease.

Office table and chair placed Feng Shui 2:

Items on the desk must be neatly placed and kept clean, if any piece of debris is placed in the drawer. It is not possible to place a doll on the table. This will lead to a small person. If you have already met a villain, it is recommended to place a pot of cactus, a lucky charm, a five-dollar or eight emperor in a drawer.

Sharp objects can't be placed on the desk, the white tiger position is suitable for static, and the items can't be too high or too messy. For example, the phone, fax or taller cabinet is not suitable for placement in the white tiger position. The five elements of sharp objects are fires, and this will lead to a lot of tongue-and-mouth disputes, and interpersonal relationships will also deteriorate.

Office table and chair placed Feng Shui 3:

The place where the office bookcase file cabinet is placed cannot be in direct sunlight. The bookcase is not placed in the bookcase. From a scientific point of view, the bookcase placed in direct sunlight is likely to cause the book in the cabinet to be exposed to the sun. Yellow is old, which is not conducive to the preservation of books; in addition, according to the rules of "Zuo Qinglong, Right White Tiger", if the owner is a male, the bookcase is placed on the left side of the wall, and the desk is placed on the right side. Chairs are conducive to communication and communication; in addition to the attention of the bookcases, the books in the bookcases should not be overlooked. You can't put the bookcases too full. It is best to leave some space for the bookcases to be used for "breathing". This is also a lot easier when it comes to taking books.

Office table and chair placed Feng Shui 4:

If the desk location is optional, or if you have your own separate office, the desk should not be facing the door. Doors are often accessed by people, and the entrances and exits of general office spaces are closely followed to avoid external disturbances. If you are in the right direction of the door, the door can be opened and closed one day, can you work hard? The clues that come up, the one is opened and the door is closed. If you have a separate office and are a leader, the entry and exit of your subordinates may interfere with your work, and you may be more unhappy, so the relationship between the subordinates may be less coordinated.