Office fish tank feng shui

In general, companies and offices place fish tanks for fish farming. They have two functions. The positive effect is to gather gas, that is, to gather vitality, so that you can gather wealth and prosperous wealth. The negative effect is to block the shackles (injury to the invisible), that is, you can use the power of water to block the impoverished gas, and not hurt the invisible. The ancients believed: "The air is scattered by the wind, the boundary water Then stop.

Office fish tank feng shui

Office fish tank feng shui

1, the placement of the fish tank

Office fish tank feng shui

In the aquarium of the office, some bosses can easily ignore the feng shui placed by them. Generally speaking, the fish tank should be placed in the door, which can absorb the aura from outside the gate and help the company increase its income. .

2, should not be too high

Fish culture is feng shui, the fish tank should not be too high

The aquarium is a five-line water phase. If the position of the fish tank is installed higher than the top of the head, it will form a phenomenon of “no water”, which will bring bad luck to the company's fortune and the company's employees.

3, forbidden to swing the jewelry

The fish tank is water, and the genus of the water phase is soil and fire, so be sure not to place some ornaments that are fired on the side of the fish tank.

4, the orientation of the fish tank

It is best to place the fish tank in a dark place in the room. It is not suitable to choose a place that is close to the window or direct sunlight. This is still a contraindication to the gram, which is extremely bad for the company's wealth and development. If the fish tank is placed next to the wall, you can scratch the wall, such as the waterfall and the sea, on the corresponding wall, which symbolizes the endless flow of wealth.

5, the choice of fish tank

Fish-fighting feng shui, optional round aquarium

The fish tanks are usually placed in the diagonal position of the company's entrance door. The financial position is very suitable for placing the fish tank, but absolutely no debris can be placed. Squares and rectangles should be placed at the edges; triangles should be placed at the corners; rounds should be placed in the center or at the door; hexagons should not be placed in the office because helium is too heavy; semi-circles are suitable for placement. At the edge position.