Where is the best location for office feng shui?

The influence of Chinese people on feng shui is still very important. In major events, they tend to follow the laws of the ancients. And how much do you know about the choice of Feng Shui in the office building? In fact, it has become one of the selection conditions that Chinese companies attach great importance to over the years.

Where is the best location for office feng shui?

In terms of feng shui, the general work and living environment should not be bridged. First, the noisy will make people feel dizzy. On the other hand, there are taboos, but in the bustling commercial district, it is inevitable that there will be bridges. Adhere to the bridge road and embrace the building.

In the office building, it is necessary to have a good luck and a "three-in-one". Before planning the office building, you can use the compass to measure the position of the gossip, choose the land of Geely, and avoid the ominous land. Usually too much or too small a building that is taller than other buildings is an inappropriate property. It is advisable to choose this building with a building behind the building, because there is a backing behind the building that represents you. If the gate is outside, there must be no smashing buildings such as roads, hospitals or toilets.

It is best to have Mingtang or Suzaku pool in front of the office building. First, there is room for expansion. It means that the future is broad, and secondly, it can introduce wealth. If there is a pool or a fountain, the water of the Suzaku pool should be sentimental, flowing or round or semi-circular. The shape of the earth is wrapped around the front to form a golden belt embracing the water. This is the Songque contend for the main gathering of wealth. It is not the ruthless water of the main financial assets such as the anti-bow, triangle and so on.

The gate of the office building should be located in the most economical position. The door orientation and orientation must be consistent with the road ahead of the office building, so that the flow of money will not be disturbed.