There are three principles in Wangzi’s Yin House’s feng shui.

The yin house is the place where the old man is buried. The feng shui of the Yin House may not be underestimated. If the feng shui trend is good, it will bring prosperity to the descendants. If the feng shui is not good, it will bring disaster to future generations. Let’s take a look at it. Wang Zi's yin feng shui.

There are three principles in Wangzi’s Yin House’s feng shui.

Principle one

Whether the yin house is good or not depends on whether it has the four images of "Suzaku, Xuanwu, Qinglong, Baihu", as well as the dragon, the case sand, the Mingtang, the water mouth, the standing direction and so on.

An ideal feng shui treasure land, there are low mountains or hills in front, there are endless mountains and mountains in the back, the left and right sides are surrounded by mountain guards, heavy guards, in the middle should be a distinct church, the terrain is spacious, it is best to have The curved water is surrounded by the north and south. The plain house on the plain is basically low and high. There are some buildings to protect the guard from being too high. The main back is high. The left side can have a small flow of water. good.

Principle 2

The most taboo of the Yin House is that the surrounding terrain is high and the location is low. This is very bad for future generations. A good Yin House cannot enter the water. At the same time, the Yin House should have a balance of yin and yang. It cannot be in the poor mountains and waters. The place of the wind.

Principle three

The sinister house should be avoided in some places or in windy or humid places, otherwise it will be unfavorable for future generations. In ancient theory, it is emphasized that people are born of parents, and if they are buried in a good place after the death of their parents, they will be buried. You can get the warmth of the earth's atmosphere, thus playing the role of blessing the children and grandchildren.