House purchase with unfavorable geomancy should be cautious

Now the house price is very high. A few years ago, the full amount of money for buying a house is not enough for the down payment now. Buying a house needs the savings of three generations. But buying a house is just a need, especially for men of marriageable age. Of course, if children want to study, they'd better have a house. Otherwise, according to the work contract, they may be assigned to far away places.

Display of kitchen utensils

Chopsticks are commonly used at home. They are the main tableware of Chinese people. In the kitchen, it's better to put it horizontally in the storage box, so as not to add trouble to the home and make it stable. If the chopsticks are placed vertically, they will be like sharp swords, making the kitchen full of evil spirit, causing the residents to be uncomfortable and miserable.

The feng shui layout of the horse's office, some taboos should pay attention

Often, the feng shui of the office has a great influence on a person's fortune. If you do not arrange according to your own zodiac, it is likely to have some damage. The feng shui layout of the horse office is a must, and some taboos should be noted. A good feng shui layout can not only resolve the changing emotions of the horses, but also make the horses more smooth in their careers.

There are three principles in Wangzi’s Yin House’s feng shui.

The yin house is the place where the old man is buried. The feng shui of the Yin House may not be underestimated. If the feng shui trend is good, it will bring prosperity to the descendants. If the feng shui is not good, it will bring disaster to future generations. Let’s take a look at it. Wang Zi's yin feng shui. Whether the yin house is good or not depends on whether it has the four images of "Suzaku, Xuanwu, Qinglong, Baihu", as well as the dragon, the case sand, the Mingtang, the water mouth, the standing direction and so on.

Where is the best location for office feng shui?

The influence of Chinese people on feng shui is still very important. In major events, they tend to follow the laws of the ancients. And how much do you know about the choice of Feng Shui in the office building? In fact, it has become one of the selection conditions that Chinese companies attach great importance to over the years. In Feng Shui, the general work and living environment should not be bridged. First, the noisy will make people feel dizzy. On the other hand, there are taboos.

Tomb feng shui master, look at the topography to determine the tombs, Baifa Baizhong

In the same day, the land will be transported, the wind will be combined, and the people will be able to make a rich cemetery. The tombs of the ancients pay attention to the principle that the Tibetan monk gathers in front of the mountain and leans back and forth, and the tomb thief just looks for the cemetery to be rich. Feng Shui is a long-established mysterious art of the Han nationality. It is also known as the green Wushu and the green sac. The more academic saying is called Kan.

Office fish tank feng shui

In general, companies and offices place fish tanks for fish farming. They have two functions. The positive effect is to gather gas, that is, to gather vitality, so that you can gather wealth and prosperous wealth. The negative effect is to block the shackles (injury to the invisible), that is, you can use the power of water to block the impoverished gas, and not hurt the invisible. The ancients believed: "The air is scattered by the wind, the boundary water Then stop.