Two o'clock

There is a dormitory in a school with 3 people in the bedroom. "Is the fish cheating in the middle of the exam yesterday?" asked Long. The fish replied: "There is no such thing as cheating with my reciprocal results." Long said, "Get it, you can't live without cheating." "Okay, you get it, you have to sleep." "The hall said. The bedroom chiefs spoke and everyone stopped after a while.

Time ticking passed, and the alarm clock at 2 o'clock rang. Long Hao opened his eyes and climbed out of the bed. He was preparing to return to the dormitory after finishing the toilet, but he had not been there for a long time. The dragon was suddenly scared, and it was still at the door of the toilet. Long Xin thought that there would be no ghosts. I thought that the dragon could not help but turn around. A turn of the dragon saw a person covered in blood, rotten everywhere, and a hand still pulling the dragon...

The next day, everyone got up and found that the dragon was gone. I thought that the dragon just got up very early, but who knows that the morning has not seen the dragon figure. Everyone decided to tell the teacher. The teachers rushed around the day and finally found the dragon in the water tank on the side of the bedroom in the evening. The dragon is dead, died of suffocation, and there is a paw print on the dragon's neck. The school decided to let everyone go home to sleep for a few days.

After more than a month, I found out that the fingerprint on the dragon's neck was his own. The school didn't know how it would be like this. It was decided that the students could come back to sleep.

Oh, it’s another 2 o'clock alarm. The fish opened his eyes and found a man in the bed of the dragon. He couldn't help but ask, "Is the dragon yours?" Without a reply, the fish couldn't help but shudder. Using the moonlight, the fish found that it was the dragon lying on the dragon bed. At this time, the dragon was lying on the bed and laughing at the evil spirits...

The next day, the fish went crazy, and screamed in the mouth: "The dragon came back and took me away. The dragon came back and took me away." The hall was very afraid to tell the teacher about the fish, and asked to go home to sleep. The teacher agreed. It is. It’s been another day. The evening hall was bored and watched the novel until 2 o'clock. The mobile phone had a short message, and the hall opened and looked shocked. The number above was fish. The content was written: "The next one is you." The hall was afraid of shutting down the phone, and then didn't want to sleep.

Another day, the news came from the school that the fish was found hanging in his own home and died between 2 pm and 2:30 pm by forensic examination.

After a few days, the hall is going crazy. When everyone saw him, he said in his mouth: "I am going to die, huh, the next one is me." The evening hall came home and saw two people in the living room. He thought he was his father and mother, but he thought it was his father and mother. When he turned on the light, he found that the fish and the dragon were facing him. The hall ran out of the house like crazy, and did not know how long it took to run. I didn’t know where it was. When he returned, he found that he had already arrived at the school. There were two more people at the entrance of the school. The hall went into a look. It’s a fish and a dragon. They still screamed in their mouths: “Come with us.” The hall saw the school’s building clock, and the pointer was walking to 2.........

The next day, the school's school found that the hall was dead. There was a photo on his chest. There were three people in it. It was the hall and the fish and the dragon.