Strange phone

I am a journalist in the school magazine. I have encountered many things since I was a journalist. There is one thing that makes me feel very strange.

That night, I was awakened by a sudden ringing tone. Who is calling this damn call? I thought about picking up the phone: "Hey! Who is it?" "Hey! It's me," the other is a girl, and his voice is awkward. "My name is Qinghe. The 311 bedroom has an accident. You should check it out."

I haven't waited for what I asked, and the other party hangs up. The time shown on the phone is 3:20 am. I want to find her number from the caller ID, but there is no call record. To be honest, I saw this kind of prank. I often have some unscrupulous students to provide me with false information. I ignored her and turned over to sleep.

The next day, just entering the classroom, there were acquaintances who stopped me and said, "The 311 bedroom is dead. You are not going to look at the reporter?"

When I arrived, there were many people outside the door, and the police were investigating inside the house. I heard people say that the girl next door found up in the morning when she got up from the 311 door, so she reported the police.

Later, the police told me that the deceased was called Qinghe. Because the other people in the dormitory had graduated, she only lived alone. The girl is suicide and the cause of suicide is loss of love. In addition, the police told me with certainty that the death time was before 3 am.

So, how did she call me on that call?