Dormitory mortuary

My name is Fan Chen, and I was lucky enough to be admitted to this medical school. At the beginning of the new semester, I joined the college's news agency.

In the middle of the night, I was searching for a variety of interesting news information on the Internet.

Ticking -

I don't know which application suddenly popped up a small window in the lower right corner of the screen. I clicked on the link to the small window, and the page showed five blood-distorted handwritings - the secluded archives.

There are many folders named after the name in the "Spiritual Archives". Lai Zhipeng? I quickly found this name in many names, and he is one of my roommates. I curiously slide the pulley down, and the gradual appearance of the photo and the text made me shudder! It was a darkened body, except for the coke-like skin, which was some bloody red meat. Below the photo is a note: "Lai Zhipeng, who died at home on August 14, 2011, caused an explosion caused by a gas leak."

"2011? Isn't it a year ago?" I turned and looked at Lai Zhipeng, who was already asleep. "Do I live with a ghost every day?" I laughed at my thoughts and thought of it as a The prank was thrown away.

Bell bell -

Early in the morning, Lai Zhipeng’s mobile phone rang.

"Lai Zhipeng, turn off your mobile phone!" I woke up impatiently.

"He went out early in the morning and didn't bring a mobile phone. You can help him shut it down." Li Rui, who was also sleepy, opened the quilt on his head and said to me. I had to reluctantly leave the bed and turn off this annoying cell phone.

I picked up Lai Zhipeng’s mobile phone and saw a text message. The sender’s column shows “Spiritual Archives”! I was amazed, and then curiously opened a text message: "The warm reminder of the Archives, clear at 8:43 today to prepare for death at home - July 15."

July 15? I looked at the date displayed on the phone, and the one shown above is August 14. When I was puzzled, I suddenly remembered something and quickly opened the phone calendar: "It’s July 15th of the lunar calendar!"

"July and a half, the ghosts are smashing." I smashed the jingle that I heard from my grandmother. I remembered the ominous premonition when I remembered the picture I saw in the "Spiritual Archives" last night!

At this time, my mobile phone rubbed against the table and made a dull sound. I opened the mobile phone and I subscribed to the news message: "The news has long been known that the Tangmao Garden Community in this city had a major accident in the natural gas leak and explosion ten minutes ago. The scene was fierce and the relevant departments have been involved in rescue and investigation." Tang Mao Garden It was Lai Zhipeng’s home, which was 8:43 ten minutes ago. The prediction of the website and the text message came true!

I woke up Li Rui and Deng Shangsong, who were still asleep, and told them the story. We were amazed and had a bit of suspicion, so we decided to rush to the Tangmao Garden Community to see the truth of the news.

Just as we were at the Taiming Lake Station, there was a cry for help from a grandmother. She gasped and was too nervous to say anything. She pulled Li Rui and ran to the lake. There is no smoke in Taiming Lake in the early morning, and there is a dead silence around. The grandmother pointed at a wave of ripples in the middle of the lake: "Sun... grandson..." We immediately reacted, and her grandson fell into the water!

The best water-based Li Rui immediately took off his whole body clothes and jumped into the water and swam toward the ripples in the middle of the water. At this point, the mobile phone that Li Rui left on the shore suddenly rang. I opened it and the sender was a "spiritual archive"!

"Spiritual Archives Tips: Please prepare for death at Taiming Lake at 10:54 today.

July 15th. Then came the grandmother's clear voice: "It's time to go." ”

I looked back nervously, but I didn't find the figure of my grandmother. After Li Rui called for help, he left the last splash on the lake.

"This is true, this is true! We are all cursed, we must die one by one according to its instructions!" Deng Shangsong, who was scared, looked at Li Rui, who was sinking into the bottom of the lake, silently chanting.

"No! We must have a way to stop it! What is this shit archive?"

"We have no way to stop the fate! We are dead!" Deng Shangsong pointed his mobile phone screen at me.

"Spiritual Archives Tips, please prepare for death at the City Stadium at 14:32 today - July 15." I couldn't help but look at the text message on Deng Shangsong's mobile phone. I can't think of anything else that can be argued with him. reason. This text was also used as a mischievous text message last night, but now it has become his reminder.

All of this is due to the "spiritual archives", who is behind the "spiritual archives"? Why are you selected? A group of doubts tangled in my mind can not find answers. "You will go back to school first, I will definitely figure it out!" After I finished, I left Taiming Lake alone.

I was free to find an Internet cafe nearby and landed in the "Spiritual Archives" again. Still the five blood-distorted words, like a group of wildfires, it makes people feel chilling at a glance. I searched carefully on the webpage and found that there were more folders, including "Li Rui" and "Deng Shangsong". I opened the folder in turn, with some shocking pictures and short explanations.

"Li Rui, Yu Taiming Lake died in Surabaya."

“Deng Shangsong, who died in the city gymnasium, lost his life.”

Bell bell -

The phone rang abruptly, and I was shocked by the tightness of the moment. I picked up the phone and only heard Deng Shangsong’s cold farewell: "Fan Chen, I am dead. I don't know how I will die. I am fed up with the fear of waiting for death. Now I have to end it myself." I have not When you have time to talk, there is only a busy tone of "dudu" on the phone.

Just as I hanged my phone, the "Spiritual Archives" updated a new folder. "Fan Chen", yes, it is my name! I opened the folder: "Fan Chen, Yu Ruixi Internet cafe died of suffocation caused by smoke from the fire."

I will die from this Internet cafe? Do not! I will live! I got up and walked out immediately until I safely walked out of the door of the Internet cafe. Was this curse eliminated? When I looked back at the entrance of the dark and deep Internet cafe, my mobile phone slammed again and again: "Spiritual Archives Tips: Please prepare for death at the Reich Internet Cafe at 16:13 today. 7 15th of the month."

I will not care that anyone will arrange a good death for me! I want to stay away from this Internet!

After deleting this damn text message, I took a ride back to school.

When I arrived at school, it was already dark, and the empty school building had a bitter chill. When I passed the dissection laboratory, I found a horrible person staring at me behind the glass window. He has no hair, dry skin, and a well-defined skull. It is better to say that he is more like a dead body than a human being! I was scared to escape the road, and he pursued it. Every time I go through a classroom, he will stare at me behind the glass door!

Bell bell -

My cell phone ringing through the entire aisle, the empty echo makes the scalp numb. The caller shows the "Spiritual Archives", or is it coming to the door? I picked up the phone, but it was a gentle voice like customer service: "Hello Mr. Fan, you didn't prepare for death at our designated location on time. If you have any inconvenience, we can help you die on the spot. Do you need a death service?"

"No! I don't want to die! I don't want any shit death service!" I yelled at her hysterically.

"Are you sure?" She was puzzled.

"OK! I don't want it!"

"Okay, Mr. Fan, the system will automatically lift your death service needs. I wish you a happy life, goodbye."

I hang up and never look back at the corpse that has been chasing me. "Everything is over." I secretly glad.

I dragged my tired body back to the dormitory, but after the door was opened, it was a chill. The dormitory is completely unrecognizable, leaving only a few silver freezers. As soon as I looked up, I saw the words "mortal 505"! The corpses of Lai Zhipeng, Li Rui and Deng Shangsong are lying in three freezers!

  How is this going? Is it already over? I picked up the phone and found out the phone call of the "Spiritual Archives". "What do you want to do? Why did you turn my dormitory into a morgue?"

"Please calm down, Mr. Fan." Her tone is still gentle. "You have been living in a morgue. You are placed in the same morgue after you died with Mr. Lai, Mr. Li and Mr. Deng. Because your death time is after July 15th, you missed the time when the ghost gate was opened, so your soul had to stay in the morgue for a while. Our archives are responsible for handling your reincarnation business. You just rejected our service. So we can't help you reincarnate. I wish you a happy life, goodbye."

I saw the dried corpse that had been following me through the reflective freezer. It turned out that the corpse was me. I was smoked in a fire a year ago. I am not a student of this medical school, but a dead body in the morgue! I put myself in a plastic bag and lie in the freezer that belongs to me.

I can smell the strong formalin around me, and the pungent smell makes my nose feel extraordinarily transparent. A group of white coats surrounded me, white hats, white masks, wrapped them tightly, revealing only a pair of numb eyes.

They took a delicate scalpel and swiped freely on me, pulling out my liver and cutting off my limbs. However, I was unable to move and could not make any sound. I was made into a specimen day and night standing in the lab, watching my heart, my liver, my lungs in other formalin glass jars...