Don't look in the mirror in the middle of the night

I think you should have seen the horror movie "Don't look in the mirror in the middle of the night" (you can go and see this movie, it's scary). This movie is about a series of strange things that happened when five young people went to a small town during the Republic of China.  Without further ado, let's get down to business now.

Li Hua is a senior 3 student. He is graduating soon. Recently he has been under a lot of pressure.  His good friend Chen Dong mysteriously said, "Brother Hua, there are busy reviewing!  Tonight at the old place (that is, the dormitory), we will play some exciting games with some friends (roommates). "  "What is it?  What a mystery? "  Li Hua asked incredulously.  "Oh, you will know when you go."

Soon after the evening study was over, Li Hua came to the dormitory and saw a group of people around the table discussing something. Li Hua leaned over and said, "what are we discussing?"  Chen Dong said, "Come on, let me tell you something. When it's twelve o'clock, you can peel the apple in front of the mirror without breaking the skin. After peeling, you can just touch the mirror with your eyes closed."  "ah!  Isn't that a mirror game?  It is said that it is very strange. Do not play or not play, or you can play. "  "No way, Hua Ge's courage is so small!"  Several roommates deliberately urged.  "Cut, who is afraid of who ah, come here, still afraid of you?"  "Well, Brother Hua is Brother Hua, with amazing courage!"

Soon it was twelve o'clock, and the bell in the dormitory sounded, dong ~ dong ~, striking everyone's heart, "let's begin."  Chen Dong said.  Everyone took an apple and peeled it slowly, because the skin could not be broken. when the skin was cut to half, a strong wind suddenly blew out of the window, followed by the rain falling from the sky. this sudden thunderstorm made everyone jump. Li Hua looked at the others and found that there was a missing person. that person was Wang xing, Li Hua's roommate. Li Hua said in panic: "hey, you see, Wang xing is missing!"  Everyone looked at it, and sure enough, Wang xing was gone. they all cried, "Wang xing, your grandson is coming out soon. won't you be too scared to play?"  There was no response, nor was there much reason. Let him go. Then he turned his head and continued to peel apples. When Li Hua turned his head, he found a woman in white standing behind the door. Her hair grew to her waist, but she turned her back on Li Hua. Li Hua cried out, ah!  "You, you see there!"  The others followed the direction of his fingers and saw nothing. "No, she was there just now!"  Li Hua tried his best to argue, but others said it was caused by his excessive nervousness. Li Hua slowly let himself return to absolute being, but when he turned back to the mirror, he found that the woman in white was behind him, almost face to face, and looked at him with a strange smile, ah ah!  "She, she, she is behind me!"  Wow!  This time everyone has seen-women with long hair and white clothes!  The woman in white, oh no, it should be said to be a female ghost, slowly reached her hand to her head and slowly took her head off and put it on the table. At the same time, there was an extra head in her hand. The head of the man was the head of Wang Xing, who had just disappeared.  The scene before us scared all the people present to the ground. The female ghost in white walked towards them, to be exact, wafted over, tore all the people alive into pieces, took their heads off one by one and put them on the top of the wardrobe before disappearing.

The next day, the aunt who was in charge of the dormitory came into the dormitory to clean and saw the scene before her. She was startled and ran out of the dormitory to report to the police.  However, the police came to the scene of the crime and after some investigation, they said that there was no trace on the scene and they could not find out who the murderer was. The case could only be closed in this way.

In the middle of the night, do you dare to look for a mirror?