Haunted by strange classroom

Xiao Wang is a student of a middle school in Deyang, Sichuan.  Legend has it that this school is very famous in Deyang City, but it is not because of how good it is to study, how high the online rate is, and how good the school facilities are.  This school is famous because of one thing that happened ….

Originally, this was just a very ordinary school, but since this happened, this ordinary school has become famous. Although the school blocked the news, as the saying goes, good things never go out and bad things spread far and wide.

This matter also starts from five years ago. Wang was one of the students in a school five years ago. although Wang is not tall, he has a strong ability. Xiao Wang has a good academic record and is very good at dealing with people. in the eyes of teachers and classmates, Xiao Wang is a good student.  Xiao Wang has been an atheist since he was a child. Naturally, he does not believe in ghosts and gods.  Xiao Wang always studies very late in the classroom every day.  One day, Wang and his classmates returned to the dormitory as usual, and he began to study alone in the classroom.  Every day, Xiao Wang studies very late in the classroom, averaging about 12 o'clock every night.  Not only did he look for long, but Xiao Wang looked up at the clock on the wall, which showed it was already 12: 15.  Xiao Wang turned off the main power switch of the school building before leaving the classroom as usual.  But after turning off the lights, Wang found that there were lights in the teaching building.

Wang was very surprised that he had turned off the switch.  Is it possible that the lighted classroom circuit is broken?  Wang thought.  As Xiao Wang is an atheist, he naturally doesn't believe in anything and doesn't need to be afraid of anything.  So Xiao Wang decided

Go and have a look.  Not bad at first sight, Wang almost didn't cry out at first sight.  The light went out to the class that was killed.  He clearly saw that in the lighted classroom, there was a class of students in the class, even the teacher's back he could see clearly, and all the people in the class were still covered with a layer of fog, Xiao Wang was going to walk over to see what was going on.  Before Xiao Wang walked over, he saw that the fog was getting bigger and bigger, and finally he covered everyone. when the fog disappeared, Xiao Wang was surprised to find that the class had disappeared again, and the lights in the classroom were turned off immediately.  See here, Xiao Wang's face is already a pale, attached to back several steps, this just hold.

The next day, Xiao Wang reported the situation to the school, but the result was obvious.  As a school, it naturally does not believe in the theory of ghosts and gods. No matter how true Xiao Wang portrayed last night, the school did not believe him.  Later, Xiao Wang told this story to the teachers and classmates of his class.  But still no one believed him.  Everyone also felt strange. How can Xiao Wang, who has good grades at ordinary times, talk nonsense now?  This really surprised teachers and students.  No one believed Xiao Wang all the time. Later, Xiao Wang also felt that he was too tired to read, and then he was wrong. Later, the matter slowly faded out of Xiao Wang's mind.

In this way, as time went by, no one mentioned this matter any more.  But at 2 a.m. a month later, the school found Xiao Wang hanging in the classroom, sticking out his tongue, his eyes gouged out, and the seven holes were slowly flowing out of the red liquid.  It should be noted that the classroom is locked from the inside.  Moreover, the obtained surveillance video did not capture anyone else.  In other words, it is impossible for someone else to murder him or herself, let alone commit suicide.  Because the police didn't find anything that could be stepped on at the scene.  As the police did not find any information, the case was finally dropped.  It is said among the students that the ghosts killed them.  After that, which school has an unwritten rule.  From one to six o'clock in the evening, the school, including the teachers, all finished work.  Therefore, students in No.6 Middle School will never be bothered by any night lessons.

Since then, an ordinary school has become a topic for people to discuss after meals ... and no one can give a definite answer to Xiao Wang's death, which has been circulated till now.  That school, too, became famous ...

In fact, this matter has to start from 10 years ago. Only the old headmaster knew about it, and the old headmaster has been dead for 7 years.  Ten years ago, when a class went out for an outing again, because of the rain and slippery road, the school bus broke away from the road and rushed down the deep ditch under that sentence. unfortunately, none of the students and teachers in that class were spared, including the drivers.

Since the news was 10 years ago and the school blocked the news, only a few former teachers knew about it, but most of those old teachers retired, and now most of the school are new teachers. naturally, the teaching age is not enough for 10 years.  So few people know the news, which is no wonder no one knows.

Since then, the news has spread. Under pressure, the school finally demolished the teaching building and invited several Taoists to do so.  Later, similar things never happened in the school. The news was still spread out and circulated all the time on the campus.