The story of desk lamp and pen

"Have you ever heard of it?  There is a strange thing in the study hall of our high school. when you are alone in the study hall, if you hear footsteps coming from behind and you turn around and see nothing, or when you turn around, the light suddenly goes out.  That means you have seen ghosts. "  During the break, Zhang Li talked to his deskmate Wang Ming.

Zhang Li is a complete paranormal enthusiast, but Wang Ming scoffs at these ghosts and gods. Wang Ming said, "is that right?  I am a materialist. I absolutely don't believe these ghosts and gods talk. If there is a ghost, you can't see him. How can you know that there is a ghost beside you? "

Zhang Li said: "there is really such a way to prove that the ghost is beside you. if the light in the study hall suddenly goes out, you can turn on a desk lamp and throw a pen at the back. if you don't hear the sound of the pen landing, then there is a ghost behind you.  But remember, don't easily use this method to verify, otherwise it will bring some bad things.  The best way is to act like nothing happened. "

"why is this?"  Wang Ming puzzled asked.  "I don't know, maybe after throwing away, will bring something bad.  After all, if there is a ghost, throw a pen and the ghost will be angry. "

After hearing this, Wang Ming laughed loudly: "the ghost is angry?  Ghost angry can eat you?  Cut, Zhang Li, the ghosts and gods are completely untrue. Don't take it too seriously. "  After that, I went to the toilet and watched Wang Ming leave. Zhang Li said to himself, "ghosts will not eat you, but they will not make you feel better."

In the evening, Wang Ming learned very late in the study hall. He was a famous student bully in the class. Originally, Wang Ming studied with Zhang Li every day, but today Zhang Li had something to do at home and went back first.

The study hall was very quiet, so quiet that the needles could be heard.  "Whew, it's finally done."  After finishing the last set of review questions, Wang Ming breathed a long sigh of relief and stretched himself.  At this time, Wang Ming noticed that he was the only one left in the study hall. Wang Ming had always been daring and should be exactly afraid of ghosts, so he often studied late at night alone in the study hall, but he often studied with his best friend Zhang Li.

At that moment, Wang Ming heard a burst of footsteps behind him. "Knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock, knock

Wang Ming gave a casual look back, and a scene that made him sweat straight appeared: there was nothing behind.  Wang Ming slowly turned back and was wondering when the light in the study hall suddenly went out. In the darkness, Wang Ming frantically turned on the desk lamp on the table, and the faint light of the desk lamp lit up the surroundings of Wang Ming.  Wang Ming didn't know what to do at this moment. He picked up a pen with trembling hands and was about to throw it back.  Wang Ming heard a voice behind him, "students, the study hall has been turned off.  Why haven't you left yet? "  It was the doorman who came to inspect the doors and windows.

Lights out?  Oh, it turned out that the lights were off just now.  Wang Ming thanked the doorman and quickly packed his things and went home.

The next day, when Wang Ming got up in the morning, he always felt something was wrong with what happened last night. as to what was wrong, Wang Ming could not tell.  When going to school, Wang Ming went to the study hall specially during the class break. as it was the class break time, there were very few people in the study hall. only a few teachers were sorting out things and writing lesson plans.  Wang Ming examined his seat carefully for half a day yesterday, but found nothing.  "Maybe I think too much."  Wang Ming thought so.

However, when Wang Ming was going to go back, the "self-study room notice" at the door caught Wang Ming's attention. at this moment, Wang Ming suddenly thought of, in order to encourage everyone to study more, so the self-study room was powered up all night without turning off the lights. there was also the guard uncle last night, who Wang Ming had never seen.  As I left too hastily yesterday, I didn't notice this at all.

When school was over, Wang Ming told Zhang Li about it. Zhang Li obviously felt very interested.  "It seems really haunted, Wang Ming, did you want to throw a pen behind last night?"  Zhang from a face of nervous asked.  "Well, did that happen? Yesterday I just turned on the desk lamp and the doorman came in before I packed my things."  Wang Ming replied.

"Maybe the doorman is the ghost in the study hall."  Zhang Li said with a mysterious face.

Then, Zhang Li added, "Why don't we take a look again tonight?"

"Tonight,,,,,, and also?"  Wang Ming was obviously frightened by yesterday's events. Wang Ming, who did not believe in ghosts and gods, also believed in some things that seemed illusory before him.

"You are not afraid, are you not afraid of these things?"  Zhang Li obviously excited Wang Ming.

"Cut, go, who is afraid of who."  Wang Ming's temper, stubborn said.

In the evening, in the study hall, Zhang Li and Wang Ming sat side by side until everyone was gone.  After a while, Wang Ming heard a burst of footsteps behind him.  When Wang Ming came, he was waiting for the lights to go out.  A voice came from behind: "Wang Ming, you are still studying at this late hour.  It's really hard work. "  It turned out that the head teacher came and Wang Ming "earnestly" accepted the teacher's words: "study hard and make progress every day."  The teacher in charge of the class also went home to sleep after the instruction.

After a while, Wang Ming asked, "Zhang Li, do you think there will be anything else tonight?  But let's not wait here all night. "  Only heard Zhang Li faint said: "will come, will come."  Just as Wang Ming was about to ask Zhang Li when he would come, suddenly the light went out.

"Zhang from,,,,,, how to do?  How to do ah,,,,,,, "wang Ming obviously some brothers without fault.

"Throw it,,,,, throw it,,,,,,," zhang from faint voice.

"Throw?  Oh, then I threw away,,,,,,, "said Wang Ming trembling.

However, when Wang Ming picked up the pen, a sense of foreboding welled up in his mind. Wang Ming suddenly remembered what Zhang Li said to himself during the day yesterday, "I don't know, maybe after throwing it away, something bad will happen.  After all, if there is a ghost, throw a pen and the ghost will be angry. "

Yesterday Zhang Li told me not to throw a pen, saying that something bad would happen after throwing it, but why do I still have to throw it today?  Is this not the real separation around me?  ?  ?

Thinking about thinking, Wang Ming was already sweating, at this time, the study room was dark, only the desk lamp in front of Wang Ming gave off a faint light.

Throw?  Or not?  What should we do?

Calm down, calm down, I must calm down.  Wang Ming thought.  Deeply relieved, Wang Ming thought of Zhang Li and said to himself, "but remember, don't use this method to verify it easily, or it will bring some bad things.  The best way is to act like nothing happened. "

As if nothing had happened?  If nothing happened, what should I do?  Wang Ming thought.  Then, Wang Ming calmly got up, tidied up his books, shouldered his schoolbag and walked out of the classroom, shouting "throw, throw, throw."  Turn a deaf ear.

Until Wang Ming walked out of the study hall, nothing happened.

The next day, Wang Ming saw Zhang Li didn't come, so he thought to the head teacher, "Zhang Li, oh, he asked for leave yesterday.  It's sick leave. "  "Leave yesterday?  So he didn't come to school at all yesterday? "  Wang Ming asked.  "Yes, his father called himself yesterday."  The head teacher replied.

Walking out of the office, Wang Ming suddenly felt like he had narrowly escaped death.  He just wants to get to the class to lie down on the table for a while now. somehow, Wang mingjiao is very tired.

When I woke up, my first feeling to Wang Ming was that it was very dark. The light of the desk lamp in front of me was really bad.  Wait, lamp?  Wang Ming looked around and found himself in the study room for some reason. The study room was very dark. Only a desk lamp in front of Wang Ming gave off a faint light.  Wang Ming found out that his hand was reaching uncontrollably for the pen on the table. He grabbed the pen and threw it behind him.

However, there is no sound of the pen landing,,,,,,,