Never look in the mirror in the middle of the night.

There are many games in this world, some of which are positive, but some of which are negative.  What is a negative game?  To put it bluntly, some people also call terror games "spirit-recruiting games". They also don't know who created these games.  However, never play.

Xiao Ming is a senior 2 student in a middle school in Guangxi. Xiao Ming usually has no hobbies and his academic performance is not very good. in the eyes of teachers and classmates, Xiao Ming is a naughty boy in his class.  If Xiao Ming has to say that he has any hobbies, then he is taking risks.  Everyone in the class knows that Xiao Ming has great courage. he fools the teacher and contradicts the teacher. Xiao Ming does not dare to do anything.

At ordinary times, Xiao Ming likes to play all kinds of games.  Of course, Xiao Ming's favorite game is the horror game.  This is not, Xiao Ming recently saw a kind of magic game in a book.  It's called Jingxian.

According to the method stated in the book, at 12 o'clock, comb your hair in front of a big mirror with a comb, and then you will see something that is invisible to ordinary people.

That night, Xiao Ming went straight back to the dormitory after self-study and felt a little sleepy after lying in bed reading. After all, after a day of classes, it is normal to be tired.  So Xiao Ming went to take a bath. When Xiao Ming came back from taking a bath, all the other roommates had already gone to sleep. After all, everyone had a day's lesson. Everyone was tired and it was normal to go to bed early.  After returning from the bath, Xiao Ming went to bed. Maybe he was really too tired, so he started snoring soon after going to bed ….

Also don't know how long sleep, Xiao Ming was a very obvious urine to suppress woke up.  Because he drank a lot of water before going to bed, Xiao Ming was awakened by urine.  So Xiao Ming got up, went out of the dormitory door and walked towards the toilet.  Strange to say, when Xiao Ming walked into the toilet, Xiao Ming actually found a comb in front of the mirror in the toilet. where did this beautiful comb come from in the boys' dormitory?  Xiao Ming's heart is full of doubts at the moment.

After going to the toilet, just as Xiao Ming was about to leave the toilet, suddenly in Xiao Ming's mind, the game he had seen in books suddenly appeared. Xiao Ming's mind was stirred and he decided to give it a try.  You know, Xiao Ming has the greatest courage in his class.  So Xiao Ming, who was not afraid of heaven and earth, wanted to try the game.

At the moment, there is no one in the toilet except Xiao Ming. after listening carefully, only the sound of water drops falling to the ground, ticking, ticking … … is surprisingly quiet.  Xiao Ming looked at his watch. At this time, no more, no less. It was just twelve o'clock.  "Great," thought Xiao Ming.  Think about it, Xiao Ming has already picked up the comb in front of the mirror. The comb is bright red. Under the illumination of the light, it reflects red light like the color of blood. Seeing here, Xiao Ming can't help but shiver.  According to the book, Xiao Ming began to comb his hair in front of the mirror. according to the book, he cannot raise his head when combing his hair, so Xiao Ming combed his hair in front of the mirror while lowering his head.

At this time, the toilet was strangely quiet, and only the sound of drops falling to the ground could be heard, ticking, ticking, ticking.

I don't know how long it took, Xiao Ming saw from his corner of the eye that behind Xiao Ming there was a figure dressed in red at the moment. Xiao Ming, who had always been daring, was also startled at the moment.  Xiao Ming, thinking to himself, this must be another prank by the roommate … … so Xiao Ming raised his head ….

Above the mirror was a woman dressed in red and with long hair.  I saw that the woman's face was covered with blood, and her eyes were gone, leaving only two bloody holes, still risking blood without listening.

The bad news came the next day. A boy's body was found in the boy's dormitory. There was no wound on the body of the dead man. What was strange was that the dead man was holding a bloody comb in his hand. The dead man's eyes were gone and he was dug away. The appearance was extremely horrible.

Later, I heard that this building was not a boy's dormitory before, but a girl's dormitory before. Legend has it that a girl committed suicide by taking poison in the toilet because of lovelorn love. She died wearing red clothes and holding a red comb from her boyfriend.


Later, a Taoist priest was invited to do it, and that was all right.  Later, such things never happened again, and life slowly returned to normal.  Later, there was no major incident in the school and everything went smoothly.

There are many strange and strange things in this world.  Those things that cannot be explained now do not mean that they do not exist. On the contrary, they do exist. Only the current level of cognition limits us to realize them.  Maybe they exist in another form between your breath and mine.

The world is full of surprises, just as the atmosphere is myriad and all-encompassing. In this world, not only we human beings exist in this world.  Ghosts, swoons, demons and ghosts really live in this world.  Some people may not believe it, but don't rush to deny it. Maybe you will meet these things in the next moment.