White Skirt Girl in Studio

Xiao Zhen is a new student of the Chinese painting class. The studio of the Chinese painting class is on the top floor of Building 9. It is not a very clean place.

Last year, a girl in Jiudong jumped and gave her petite life for her love. It was not worth it.

Since then, there have been some rumors in nine buildings. Among them, the rumors in the women's toilet on the top floor are the most horrible. What are you looking at? There is gravel lying behind the mirror. Hair falls out of the faucet when you wash your hands. It sounds very cautious.

Of course, Xiao Zhen did not know about these rumors. That night, she was drawing alone in the studio.

She has liked this since high school. She especially likes the feeling of drawing alone for a night, playing music or something on her cell phone occasionally, which is very pleasant.

My sister-in-law who slept with her was also not good at telling her these terrible things, because Xiao Zhen's painting level was very high, and people were also working hard. They didn't want to disturb her with these things.

So that night, Xiaozhen stayed alone in the studio again.

At midnight, two o'clock.

Xiao Zhen is attentively depicting a big tree.


The door opened and she looked back strangely. Who else would come at this late hour?

When she turned around, she saw only the back of a girl in a white skirt. She sat at the position near the door, quietly opened the drawing paper, and then picked up other tools.

Xiao Zhen was relatively silent. Seeing that the other party didn't want to talk, she naturally didn't say hello. Therefore, she painted like this all night.

When it was dawn, little Jane finally finished painting the messy tree. looking back, she found that the girl had disappeared for some time.

Without much thought, Xiao Zhen is ready to go back to bed. There is still a class at 9 o'clock in the morning.

During the class, Min Xuejie, who was also her roommate in the next bed, asked, "How was last night, Jane?"

Xiaozhen smiled and said: "Not bad, the studio is quite quiet."

Min Xuejie reluctantly smiled: "That's good, that's good."

Xiaozhen only regards herself as a senior student and does not know the meaning of Min's question. Of course, she did not say anything about the girl.

In this way, little Jane has been drawing in the studio for a month. The girl quietly appears and disappears every day. Little Jane has never seen her face.

She was actually curious about such a "night friend", but the girl's reserve kept her from saying hello.

Of course, there is another strange thing. The girl seems to wear a white skirt every day. Because of the distance, she is not sure whether it is the same set or not. Perhaps the other party likes white skirts.

That night, Xiaozhen started work in the studio again, but with the painting on, she suddenly thought of the girl. Curiosity began to affect her attention bit by bit. Finally, she could not stand the Xiao Mao in her heart.

She decided to take advantage of the girl's absence to look at her painting.

If I remember correctly, the girl should be sitting here.

Little Jane soliloquized and went to the position in her memory. There was a wooden table, covered with canvas, and she did not know what was on it.

Xiaozhen looked at the door and then pulled the canvas apart by one third. The picture paper below is bright red. Is it roses?

She pulled back a little, and saw a pair of white feet, stained with a little blood, this seems to be a heavy mouth painting, painting is a girl lying in a pool of blood.

Xiao Zhen frowned and walked back to her seat. how could the girl who looked so pure from behind paint such a heavy painting?

This is totally different from Xiaozhen's subjective speculation.

Time, 2 o'clock.


The door opened again and the girl came in and sat in her place as usual.

Xiao Zhen, after sitting for a while, got up and left.

The street lamp for going to the toilet is broken and flickering, which makes people feel a little surprised.

Xiao Zhen was not so sensitive. She walked quietly towards the toilet, her shadow flickering, lengthening and shortening.

The corridor alternated between suffocating cold and silent cold in the light.

Xiaozhen was sitting on the toilet when she suddenly saw a red rose painted on the door. The bright red color reminded her of the girl's painting. People like her who are more energetic actually hate that style of painting, although it is also a kind of art.

When the door was opened, the air was extremely depressed. The creaking sound from the toilet door echoed in the space. Of course, it was mixed with the sound of flushing. In the silent corridor, it was very loud, as if to wake up the soul of fear sleeping in loneliness.

Xiao Zhen coughed softly. The air was really too cold, making her throat a little uncomfortable.

The mirror of the bathroom is very clean. After washing her hands, she wiped her face with cold water, which is very refreshing.

At this time, she suddenly stared at her coldly in the mirror. Jane got a fright and retreated two steps.


In the mirror is still her, also follow back two steps, little Jane slightly afraid, just the "own" eyes is really terrible.

Some of them approached the washing table with surprise. She held out her white hand and gently stroked the mirror to confirm the previous illusion.

Heart secretly sent a sigh of relief, small Jane think is before the painting gave her too much impact, however, this also reflects the sharp of the girl's painter from the side.

She turned on the tap and was ready to wash her face again, but the tap made a loud gurgling sound and only shed a little water.

What's the matter?

Xiaozhen put her finger into the tap, as if something was blocking it.

She took out a little of it with her finger and gently pulled it out. That was, poking a woman's hair!

Xiao Zhen shook it off vigorously. It was fine. How could there be women's hair in it?

Her heart beat a little higher. At this moment, she only heard "Bang!"  Let me know.

There was a voice from the studio. What happened to the girl?

Her attention was attracted for a moment. When she came back to her mind, there was a bloody "human" lying on the ground behind her!  "ah!"  She gave a loud cry, and she turned and ran.

Hard pushed open the studio door, it was dark inside!

Xiaozhen fumbled for the switch, turned it on several times in succession, and finally lit the light.

She gasped. The girl is missing. Will she be shut down when she leaves?  However, if she leaves the studio, she will definitely pass the ladies' room. although she is in the toilet, she can still hear someone walking in the quiet corridor unless ...

She went to the girl's position and uncovered the canvas at once!

This picture!

This picture actually coincides with the bloody picture in the toilet!

The woman in the picture suddenly opened her eyes!


Jane, passed out.

When she woke up the next day, she learned these things from her senior sisters. From then on, no one dared to stay late in the studio of Jiudong, except the girl with the white skirt.