The elder sister standing at the bottom of the lake

Because I am a big fat man with a height of 160cm and a weight of 210 kg, and my chubby image and ugly face, senior students and senior sisters all ignore me, and there is no chance that I will be elected to join the Party and become a class cadre. Those girls who are beautiful and have good figure are either ministers or outstanding class cadres.  I can only say that I am ugly. I do not even have the chance to display my abilities.

One day, I was sitting by the lake watching the stars as usual.  God, when can I be beautiful?  I sat on the stool grumbling. Apart from a few couples making out at the quiet little lake, there was something protruding from the middle of the lake, probably a fountain or something.  Huh?  !  No, a sharp female voice sounded.  Head!  That's the head!  I have a Ya Mao!  I ran away quickly and returned to the dormitory. I gasped and turned red.

Cut, don cc gave me a look, delicate face with a disdainful expression.  Yo, the female orangutan is in spring.  Tang Sisi took a disdainful tone, which frustrated me. Until more than two o'clock in the middle of the night, my mind was still filled with Tang Sisi's words, which echoed back and forth.  I feel suffocated by a bite in my chest, which makes me feel uncomfortable.  I could no longer control my emotions and sat up straight.  I got up on tiptoe, opened the door, and the faucet in the bathroom rattled. I burst into tears.

All of a sudden, the toilet flushed itself with water, and the sharp sound of water touched my nerves, shaking my whole body subconsciously.  I stared straight at the toilet, only the clean water kept spinning.  All of a sudden, a few hairs appeared. Then, more and more hairs appeared. I was shocked, but I did not dare to make any noise.

More and more hair, slowly, the hair gathered up, a fierce, a beautiful face shot out of the toilet.  Oh, boy!  !  !  Nima, I shouted in my heart, this is the end.  Although I'm ugly, I haven't done any bad things. How come I've got such dirty things?  I was too scared to speak. A person as unintelligent as me was really scared to death.

All of a sudden, a little blood oozed from the clean head. Then, the blood became more and more and flooded my feet. The cold liquid suddenly made me feel relaxed.  Death is death, anyway, the world is not short of ugly force like me.

The head on the ground turned slowly. I was so scared that I didn't dare to go out, but in my heart I secretly scolded that I had to cut myself to death.  Maybe tomorrow they will find me dead and I will be noticed.  Just when I was thinking, the head had moved to my feet, and a delicate face looked at me now.  Although there is only one head, but I think it is much more beautiful than the kind of beauty queen of Donssie.  She smiled!  Blood flowed from the big eyes and the skin on the face began to fall off.  Oh, boy!  Uglier than me!  I fainted with fear.

When I woke up, I only had black hair in front of me and could not see anything. I wanted to peel off my hair with my hand, only to find that I had no function but to turn my eyes. oh, my god.  This is horrible. Where am I?

All of a sudden, I heard the voice of Don Sisi. The sweet voice was incredible. This beautiful woman, why are you in our dormitory?

Nothing.  A familiar voice rang.

Isn't that my voice?  !  My tongue didn't move!

The voice continued to ring again, you said, am I beautiful or are you beautiful?

Don Sissi was silent.

If you want to say that Don Sissy, no matter who she is, she refuses to accept that others are prettier than her.

Oh, hehe.  Sure enough, I heard Tang Xi's sharp and disdainful sarcasm. Isn't this girl just calling you a beautiful woman?  What do you think you are, I don't know how many times more beautiful than you.

That's great. My voice rang again. Suddenly, a pair of hands lifted me up and peeled off my hair. I just saw Don Sisi's face livid with fear.

Come and change your head with my junior.

This pair is not under my control, but it is my hand that easily broke off the head of Don Sisi, and my head was pressed up at the same time.  I moved and the wound healed.  In the mirror, I changed into the graceful figure of Don Sisi because I didn't have a bloated figure, and became no longer so ugly.

The girl smiled strangely and went out with her head in her hand. Don Sissy's eyes even looked at me straight.  The toilet was flushed again.  Maybe Don Sissi's head was washed away.

Then, everything was silent again.  Later, at dawn, the body of Don Sisi was found in a small lake with a standing bone frame.  Everyone pointed at me, but there was no evidence of my killing.  I have changed from an ugly woman whom everyone despises to an ordinary person who has friends and classmates.

Later, I learned that this ghost was a sophomore who had died for many years and threw himself into the lake because he was so ugly and humiliated.  But no one cared about her.  Her body has stood at the bottom of the lake for many years and avenged many ugly women who confided in the lake.  Perhaps I have confided many times in the lake about the evil deeds of Don Sisi. She came out to help me.