School Secrets

As we all know, school is a place that brings knowledge and laughter to people. It is full of youthful feeling.

However, what we don't know is that the school is unusually cold and gloomy at night.  ....

"Children, do you know?  Why are schools always built in remote places? "  Han said mysteriously.

The child gave him a white look: "ghosts all know that because children have a strong yang spirit, they just can suppress yin qi in some places, so they build schools in places with strong yin qi."

Xiao Han said in surprise: "How do you know that I saw it on the Internet yesterday and wanted to frighten your boy?"  Han Xiaohan discouraged said.  Then he immediately said, "why don't we come to school at night?  Call a few friends? "

The boy put down the book in his hand and thought for a moment, "Yes, I have nothing to do at night anyway. After school, he called Xiao Ming up to the three of us."

Xiao Han was excited and said happily, "ok!  ~ "say that finish busy ran to class 2 to find Xiao Ming.


In the evening, the three gathered at the school after supper. The child brought his Husky to the school. Husky's name was Bing and his name was terrible.  Ice saw Xiao Ming and Han Xiao and rushed at them. The children could not pull.

Xiao Ming and Han Xiao like ice very much: "ice, be good, you can eat ham sausage later," Han Xiao touched the ice and said.

"hello!  How did you get in with the dog? "  Xiao Ming said discontentedly.

"don't you like ice very much at ordinary times? don't worry, I have found a good place to go in. there is a small hole in the wall at the back door of our school. we can go in there."

At once, the three men came to the back door and found that there was really a dog hole. Three men and a dog had just entered the school. The school was empty and no one had the usual lively school. Now it looks extremely quiet and eerie.

The three men did not speak, but just listened to the voice of the ice. Suddenly, the evil wind was blowing all the time and the three men were shaking with their arms. "I think we can just look around and go. It's so cold!  ~ "Han said with a trembling voice.

"It's really useless, I think you are afraid?"  Xiao Ming said scornfully and continued to walk inside.

The child led the dog and slowly followed. Han Xiao immediately overtook him and said, "who is afraid?  I just wear less clothes and feel a little cold, hum! "  Today Xiao Ming is really fierce.

Neither of them paid any attention to him and continued to walk inside the teaching building.  Halfway through, Husky, led by the child, made a whining noise even though he did not move forward.  The child felt strange and tugged forward, but could not pull the dog.  The three stopped.

"hello!  What's the matter? What kind of moth is your dog doing at this time? "  Xiao Ming said impatiently, keeping a certain distance from the ice.

"I don't know, ice is very good at ordinary times," the child said doubtfully.  Xiao Han said with a smile: "Ha ha, luckily he didn't scream, otherwise the old gatekeeper would surely have run over and kicked us out."

Just say that finish ice is not enough to call "wang wang!  Woo Woo Woo Woo!  ...... The dog seemed to be frightened and kept barking at the toilet. It was strange that the grandfather guarding the door didn't come, as if the school was empty. The whole building was the echo of ice.

"Buddy!  I'm afraid, what others have said is that if a dog barks incessantly at a place, then if there is something unclean in that place, the dog can see ghosts!  ~ "Han said with a trembling voice.

The child was also a little scared. He pulled on the ice and wanted to go. He looked at Xiao Ming's back. "Let's go, Xiao Ming. It's not a matter of fear. It's the dog that doesn't listen to the command now."

Xiao Ming didn't make any noise. he stood quietly at the door of the toilet. the child pushed him and asked him what was the matter. he saw Xiao Ming's voice: "there is a ghost!"  The man waved to me, run!  !”  He ignored them and ran outside himself.

Han Xiaohan took the child and said pitifully, "I ... why didn't I see anything?"  That kid is kidding me, right?  !  ~”

The child felt something was wrong and ran with Han Xiaohan. The dog seemed to want to run out and did not continue to fight with its master. Two people and a dog rushed out like this.  It is strange that Xiao Ming was not seen along the way. They didn't think much about it. It is estimated that they have already run out.

However, when they climbed out of the teaching center, they were surprised to find that Xiao Ming was running back and forth on the third floor, running very fast.  Han Xiao cried on the spot: "Wow!  ~ I shouldn't have come to MD, but I think Xiao Ming is evil. "

Knowing the seriousness of the matter, the child took the dog and went to the gatekeeper grandpa's side. Han saw that the child was going to leave, so he quickly followed the child and grabbed the child's arm and did not let go.

They came to the caretaker's grandfather. The TV was on in the room. Grandpa Li was napping on the TV.

The child shouted, "Grandpa!  !  Grandpa!  ~ "see how all call don't wake up, had to push the door and went in and pushed grandpa li.

Only grandpa Li was startled: "alas!  ~ what's the matter!  ~ "Looking at the two children narrowed his presbyopic eyes:" You two are late this night;  What are you doing in school?  Hurry back, "grandpa Li said sternly.

Seeing grandpa Li awake, the child hurried and said, "grandpa, something has happened. I still have a classmate who is poisoned and is circling around the corridor."  Han Xiaohan cried and said, "Yes!  ~ whoops!  What should I do?  ~”

Grandpa Li jumped up from his chair and ran outside like he knew something. He said sternly, "You Xiong Haizi, don't come to school at night if you're okay!  !”

Grandpa Li rushed out and the two men immediately followed him. when they arrived at the teaching building, they saw that the building was empty and half of them had no pictures: "are you kidding your grandpa? is grandpa old enough to tolerate this?  Hurriedly walk with me ... "Angry pushing two people walk outside.  Looking at the two men walking out silently without saying a word, their mouth muttering: "These children are really lawless now. They will report to the school tomorrow." Grandpa Li went to the room swearing.

The boy and Han Xiao ran to Xiao Ming's house to ask about the situation, feeling very wrong.

When they arrived at Xiaoming's house, they knocked at the door. Xiaoming's mother opened the door: "what's the matter?  Come to Xiao Ming at this late hour? "

The child and Xiahan looked at each other and asked, "Auntie, is Xiaoming back?"

Xiao Ming's mother said doubtfully, "I'll be back as soon as I finish school."

"Did you go out after school?"  The child continued.

"No, what happened to you?"  Xiao Ming's mother asked puzzled.

Two people immediately froze, head buzzing, whole body cold sweat!  ~