Sixth floor crash

"Hey, I heard that the iron gate on the sixth floor of the school science museum has chains that rattle and rattle on the gate every moonlit night for no reason. Do we want to see it today?  There seems to be no moon in the sky today! "  Zhou Xinhua said to his deskmate with a wry smile.

Zhou Xinhua is a man of great courage. He is famous for his courage in the whole grade group.  The details will not be repeated.  However, unfortunately, and to his disappointment, his deskmate was of the kind that oil and salt did not enter.  His deskmate was so timid that he was afraid of everything that he seldom invited him to take more adventurous activities.

Of course, this time he didn't realize, he said it out of a whim, this is just when he was playing mobile phone chat in the school group to listen to senior said to know.

His deskmate is doing his homework.  However, the answer to this invitation can be guessed without guessing.  Hearing this, his deskmate's face suddenly changed, and he waved his hand for an infinite number of times, only chanting not to go.

Zhou Xinhua was just in high spirits. His face suddenly darkened and he seemed to have eaten his deskmate.  His deskmate is inherently timid, so he is even more afraid of hitting him.  He quickly turned away and continued to do his homework.

"What fun ah, he won't go to me!  I've known for a long time that your activities have always been very exciting. This time count me in! "  Zhou Xinhua was angry, but he heard a voice behind him saying, and then a head leaned out from his left shoulder.

Ah?  He was taken aback and turned away. It turned out that he was really the monkey in the back seat.  The monkey's real name is Hou Yu, and he was called a monkey because he was too thin.  However, the most important point is that his body is called a flexible one.

Zhou Xinhua, his deskmate, and monkeys all sat in the back of the classroom near the corner, because their grades were really not very good.  Just when Zhou Xinhua's interest came again and he was ready to have a good talk with the monkey, there was a creepy voice in front of him.

"Zhou Xinhua Hou Yu what are you two saying there?  If you don't study, don't disturb other people's study. Go out to the corridor and say that no one will stop you.  However, in the classroom, it is necessary to ... "After hearing a series of words, Zhou Xinhua was already reeling from cocoons. However, he could not help it.

The head teacher sat in their evening study class today. Unfortunately, they were caught whispering when the head teacher's eyes drifted away. They were criticized by the inhuman roll call, although he was used to it.

However, this did not prevent them from continuing to plan and prepare for their upcoming expedition. The two began to pass notes ...

Soon, three night lessons had passed and it was time to go to bed.  In their place, the teacher in charge of the class will not check the bedroom under normal circumstances.  In this way, he can do his work with confidence and boldness.  After class, the two quickly grabbed their belongings and ran across the central square to the science museum.  After all, this is the point. If it is late, the security patrol should lock the science museum.  Standing on this side of the teaching building, looking at the science museum, it was dark and there was no light at all.

While paying attention to your feet through the backlight of your mobile phone screen, you climbed the stairs carefully and finally came to the sixth floor.  There are rolling gates in the east corridor on the sixth floor and iron gates in the west.  As soon as they discussed it, they decided that it would be better and safer to retreat to the rolling gate and wait and see.  However, the step-by-step footsteps in the corridor made Zhou Xinhua feel that someone was following him. Walking made him feel nervous.  He turned his head again and again, but everything was normal and there was nothing.  It was the iron gate at the end of the corridor in the distance ... although he was bold, he did not know why at this time, but some did not dare to look over there.

They went to the gate and watched closely the slightest movement of the iron gate opposite.  But nothing happened for a long time, and suddenly bored.  They spoke in a low voice, Hou Yu are a little impatient said directly back, it seems that the legend is not true.  However, his voice did not fall, the empty and silent corridor is suddenly appeared dadada footsteps, in this quiet night heard two people heart is a burst of pins and needles.  It's this time, does anyone else come up?  Sounds, the footsteps are not here, isn't it ...

Zhou Xinhua is still thinking about thinking, sure enough, followed by hua hua of iron chains on the iron gate a severe shaking, rao is two people bold, this sudden change heard two people face all white.

"Legend ... is ... is ... is ... is true, we ... we ... exploration purpose ... purpose has been reached, or go home" Hou Yu already nervous incoherent at this time, said to Zhou Xinhua.

All have been given steps. Why not go down?  The in the mind is also a hair Zhou Xinhua immediately agreed to the idea of going back.  They groped along the wall, and finally came to the stairs, and through the road, the sound of the iron chain shaking continues.

Next to the corridor is the toilet, Hou Yu almost trembled with fear as soon as he got there.  There should be no one on the sixth floor, so ... then why did the toilet flush?  !  He is in good spirits. He is 100% sure that this is by no means auditory hallucination!

Run quickly!  Hou Yu, who was already trembling with Zhou Xinhua's legs, quickly unter den downstairs, but then they found the problem.  The sixth floor is not high either. Why haven't you come to the ground after running for so long?  !  They stopped and looked around, only to find that except for the backlight of the cell phone, the rest was covered with darkness!  They are still in a daze, but the corridor is again came the voice of "hua hua" chain shake!

It's still on the sixth floor!  Both turned white, then heard a thud.  It seems ... it seems that the door ... has opened!  Two people against the wall, palms are wet.  However, there seems to be something wrong with the wall.  The sticky feeling made him very uncomfortable.  He turned back and took a picture with the back light of his mobile phone, only to find that the wall, the snow-white wall is now a deep red, all is not dried blood!

Zhou Xinhua looked at all stay, behind the neck suddenly a chill all oblivious.  And Hou Yu can be miserable, he suddenly felt a cold neck, was extremely nervous in my heart, at the moment finally is collapsed, loosen the Zhou Xinhua hand and ran.  But ... seems to be in the wrong direction?  Wow!  All of a sudden, it was like the sound of broken glass. He crashed into the window. It was still a French window and half of his body was outside, tottering.  And the body, nature has also been glass slag draw blood dripping wet.  However, the next thing was a wall brick suddenly fell off the roof of the building, only heard a muffled sound ...

With this sound, Zhou Xinhua finally recovered, but it was already too late.  He felt something sweeping over his head. He looked up and it was dark.  However, immediately he felt a tight neck, a strong straight pull himself up ...