Never look in the mirror at night

At ten o'clock in the middle of the night, Lin Biao was reading a book in the classroom. When Lin Biao was preparing to leave the classroom, he found a book. When Lin Biao got up, he dropped a piece of paper from the book: Don't look in the mirror at night.

Lin Biao’s heart was eager to put the book down and left. At this time, the voice of walking outside the classroom, Lin Biao quickly left the classroom.

Lin Biaochang is very beautiful, and there are many talents. Many boys like Lin Biao, so the girls in the school don't like Lin Biao. Even A Juan of a dormitory doesn't like Lin Biao.

This evening, Lin Biao went back to the dormitory after self-study. After lying in bed, she felt a little sleepy. At this time, A Juan was still playing computer, and other dormitory members were already asleep. Lin Biao planned to go to bed and sleep immediately, so he took the washbasin and went to the toilet.

When Lin Biao was scrubbing, she saw a classmate in the toilet room. At the moment, she was standing in front of the wash basin and brushing her hair while looking in the mirror. The light in the bathroom was very dark, and Lin Biao could not see the other person's face.

When Lin Biao was finished, he looked up and the girl who had just combed her hair in the mirror came to her side. At the moment, I am wearing my hair, holding a comb in my hand, and handing it to Lin Biao: Do ​​you want to comb your hair and borrow your comb?

The wet hair dripped from time to time, and falling to the ground was a bright red. Lin Biao stunned and rushed back to the dormitory. Lin Biao thought that the girl she had just seen would think of the words in the book. She could not sleep for a night.

The next day, I accidentally heard the classmates say that there was a girl who committed suicide in the toilet. It is said that the favorite thing before the same student was to comb her hair.

Lin Biao remembered that the girl she saw at night couldn't help but be very scared, but the classmates found that Lin Biao suddenly seemed to have changed into a person. Every night, he likes to look up and comb his hair in the mirror.

Do you dare to do this at night?