Library in the middle of the night

The students believe that everyone has a habit of using books to occupy seats. In fact, this is a very bad habit, because the library is a place for people to learn, but at night it is still here.

I remember that it was the second half of the freshman year. It was for the final exam. I came to the library to study in the afternoon. After learning for a while, I actually fell asleep on the table. In order to be quiet, I chose the innermost table of the library.

This awakening is already at night, and the library is not open at night, which means I am locked here.

Such a big library is quiet and can only hear my own heartbeat, and a sense of fear slowly comes to my heart.

Around 12 o'clock in the evening, the library's lights turned on. The strange thing is that the color of the lights turned out to be green. The faint green makes my heart slowly cool, and the library is no longer quiet.

I saw some illusory figures in the library, they did not seem to see my existence.

But I can really see them. Every ghost looks so embarrassed. I slowly approach the bookshelf and I see that the books on the bookshelf have been completely replaced. The book that was left on the shelf now has a faint green light, and I don’t even know the text above.

There are some ghosts sitting in the place where the students study during the day. Some students put the books in their seats. These ghosts open the books and record the names of the students...

I was shocked to see it. Fortunately, these ghosts could not see me among them. I carefully held my breath and curled up in a corner of the library.

The huge library didn't disappear until the first murmur.

It is a good thing for students to study, but they must not occupy a place. I don't know why those ghosts record their names...