3,000 Green Silk Female Ghosts

Zhang Qiang and Jing ya are recognized as sweet lovers, but in recent days, Zhang Qiang dreams every night, which perplexes him.

The dream is always the same. The woman in the dream is very beautiful. Every time she looks at Zhang Qiang, she says, "Brother Qiang, look at how long my hair is. When will it reach the waist? Shall I marry you?"

Every time before Zhang Qiang answered the dream, he woke up.

Zhang Qiang told Jing Ya about the dream. A whole feeling of jealousy came from Jing Ya's heart, but Jing Ya said on his lips, "Maybe you don't have enough rest. You usually have to have a good rest."  Zhang Qiang nodded.

When Zhang Qiang cleaned up the dormitory once, he found a lot of hair under his pillow, which frightened him, because the hair was so long that it was not his at all.

In the evening, what was unexpected was that he dreamed of the girl again and said the same thing. Zhang Jiangzheng was going to ask what dream he woke up again.

The next day, another hair was added to his bed, which lasted for half a month.

Finally one night, the girl in the dream was not tidying her hair, but wearing a wedding dress and said, "Brother Qiang, am I beautiful?"

Zhang Qiang nodded, and the girl added, "Brother, shall I marry you?"

Zhang Qiang thought of Jing Ya fiercely and shook his head. The girl cried and ran away.

Zhang Qiang woke up with a start and looked at his watch. it was 2 o'clock when he was surprised to find that the girl dressed in wedding clothes actually appeared on his bed. the girl cried and cried, leaving blood in her eyes. slowly, the girl's tongue stuck out for a long time and her head drooped ...

The girl said faintly, "Brother Qiang, I am so bitter. I am your fiancee, whom you did not meet in your hometown. You have found a girlfriend here.  According to the rules of my hometown, I can't marry again all my life. In a fit of pique, I hanged myself.  It's cold down here, brother. Will you accompany me? "

Say a long hair wrapped around Zhang Qiang's neck ...

The next day Zhang Qiang died, and the forensic expert said it was asphyxia.