"Campus game" of pen Fairy

A few years ago, a supernatural horror game called PEN XIAN spread around the university campus.

With the passage of time, the game seems to be not as popular as it was at the beginning, but in recent days, along with the lovelorn of roommates, the game has appeared in our vision.

My roommate Xiaoya's boyfriend broke up with Xiaoya. To be honest, we don't think much of Xiaoya's boyfriend. After such a thing happened, we just unilaterally comforted Xiaoya.

However, Xiaoya did not think so. She stubbornly believed that the reason why her boyfriend left her was definitely not that simple, so she found her roommate, Iverson, and finished the game called PEN Xian.

The game unfortunately failed because Iverson let go of the fear of PEN XIAN in the game. Anyone who played PEN XIAN knows that this is the most dangerous game. Nightmares begin.

Everyone was sleeping at night, only I, who was a little nervous and weak, and Xiaoya, who was full of sad faces, did not sleep. She did not know what had happened, so she slept soundly.

Like quiet I ignored Xiaoya, pretending to sleep in bed alone, when a gust of evil wind burst through the door.  Lesser opened his eyes, and it is strange that the rest of the dormitory did not feel the dormitory opened.

I gave Xiaoya a a quiet look. It doesn't matter, but it startled me.  I saw a white woman quietly appear on Xiaoya's bed. The white woman and Xiaoya looked exactly the same. I saw the woman suddenly turned pale, her eyes began to shed blood and her lips were red with horror.

She said softly to Xiaoya: "I am your pen fairy, you should not wake me up, ha ha."  Lesser now completely scared silly, could not say a word.  See lesser ask the spirits hands grabbed lesser neck ...

Xiaoya didn't get up the next day, I dare not say anything, at noon found Xiaoya died in bed, the doctor said it was a sudden heart attack.

Iverson also suffered a serious illness, everyone does not know the truth of the matter, but unfortunately I saw it and advised everyone not to play this horrible game of ask the spirits and not to have fun for a while.