Sleepwalking strangled his roommate

Summer vacation back to the school dormitory deserted, only xiaomei a person in the dormitory.  Xiaomei looks very pale, so I ask Xiaomei what's the matter, is there anything wrong with her body?

Xiaomei smiled and said: "There is nothing wrong with my body. I was only scared by my sister in the dormitory. That's why I didn't sleep well at night.  So I asked what happened.

Xiaomei said that when I went back for the summer vacation, my roommate found that a-mei had the habit of sleepwalking.

I slept very dead that day and suddenly felt as if someone was beside the bed. I opened my eyes and found a-mei in white.  I was so scared that I couldn't say anything to settle down and found out it was a-mei. I thought a-mei probably had sleepwalking.

So he ran to the bed opposite Xiao Xuan's bed and woke up Xiao Xuan. they hugged each other and watched a-mei walking around the dormitory in white. she didn't stop to go to bed until midnight.  So we dare to put down our tense mood and go to sleep.

When we talked about it the next day, a-mei was really confused about what happened at night.  But after that, a-mei's sleepwalking became more and more frequent and scared everyone to death every time.

Another time is the most terrible thing that scares me till now. That is, I can't sleep at night and open my eyes. When I saw A-mei sitting at my bedside in white again, I thought A-mei would touch my hair again.  So I didn't make any noise, but A-mei's hand suddenly reached my neck.

Xiaomei took off the silk scarf and said that A-mei had great strength and could still see obvious scars on her neck.

I carefully looked at Xiaomei's wounds, and indeed they were all red and purple.  So I asked: Is it because all the people in the dormitory woke up with a start at the end, so I pulled A-mei away?

Xiaomei shook her head: No, they slept very soundly and did not feel anything.

I chased after him and asked: So did A-mei give up herself?

Xiaomei still shook his head, I found myself unable to make any noise ...

At this time, Xiaomei's face began to turn purple, her eyes began to bulge and her tongue extended to the outside, and she said to me, "I was like this when I was kidnapped by a-mei."

When I rushed out of the dormitory, I learned from the mouth of the staff in the same dormitory that Xiaomei had been strangled by a-mei when she was sleepwalking.