Don't play pen fairy

Zuo Yuze is a sophomore. He heard that there is a psychic game called a sacred one. He asks a person who has already died, and the soul will draw an answer in the pen on your hand. Zuo Yuze is very bold, and it is not true to try it.

That night he went back to the bedroom, the lights had gone out, he was lying on the bed and turned to the opposite side, and finally could not help but ask the roommate: "Do you believe that the pen fairy game is true." Zuo Yuze's upper shop Li Ming asked in surprise Road: "Yuze, what are you asking about this," everyone in the bedroom looked at them. Very sensitive to the problem of Zuo Yuze.

Zuo Yuze: "I want to play with the pens and see if it is as terrible as they are."

The voice of Zuo Yuze just fell, the sky flashed, and the whole bedroom was illuminated. In this quiet and dark night, the moment of light also reveals a special atmosphere of terror.

Wang Haoyin said with a deep heart: "If you play it, you will be entangled in ghosts until you die."

"Booming rumbling... rumbling" The huge thunder rang through the bedroom.

"Yes, ... still... or don't play, what if I have an accident?" Li Gang, the most timid bedroom, said.

"I am afraid of anything, I don't believe in any ghosts. I will organize people to play pens tomorrow night. You love to come or not." Zuo Yuze said with a hint of anger.

After saying this, the bedroom was quiet and surprising, as if nothing had happened. Only the thunder from the sky kept ringing around the bedroom.

"Booming... Yuze, I will accompany you to play tomorrow... rumbling" The sound of Li Ming is accompanied by thunder.

Zuo Yu Ze sighed and slept sideways.

Early the next morning, Zuo Yuze looked around in the classroom. He was thinking about who could play the game with the pen. Finally, the eyes are locked on two girls and a boy. They are all daring and do not believe in the existence of ghosts. Such people are very suitable for playing such games.

Sure enough, Zuo Yuze used the radical method and curiosity to convince them one by one. The time is set in the classroom after the evening self-study class.

After class in the evening, in less than four or five minutes, all of them went back to the bedroom to sleep, leaving only five "game players". Zuo Yuze took out four candles and a large white paper that had already been prepared from the drawer. And a green pencil.

"I really want to play, what should I do if something goes wrong?" Li Ming said nervously.

"I am not afraid of a girl, what are you afraid of?" Xiaoxue said awkwardly. Xiaoxue is a girl who is very beautiful and looks pure.

"Yeah, can't you have a bit of a break?" Liu Shuai said. Liu Shuai is a long, very strong boy.

"Can you stop talking nonsense? Just play and hurry up." Zhou Qing said, Zhou Qing is very indifferent to anyone, but her face is still frosty and can not cover her beautiful face and attractive body. .

Zuo Yuze nodded, put the square table together, laid the paper on the table, placed the pencil in the center, and lit the candle in the four corners of the paper. Five people sat down around.

Zuo Yuze first held the pencil, and everyone else held the pencil.

"Get started!" After he left, Yu Ze closed his eyes. Others have closed their eyes, and they still have words in their mouths.

"Previous life, past life, I am your life. If you want to continue with me, please draw a circle on paper..."

"Previous life, past life, I am your life. If you want to continue with me, please draw a circle on paper..."

"Previous life, past life, I am your life. If you want to continue with me, please draw a circle on paper..."

Suddenly, the pen moved, and everyone stared at the slowly moving pen. Slowly and slowly, there was a pencil circle on the paper. There is nothing wrong with the meticulousness of the painting.

Zuo Yuze was also very nervous at this time, and his forehead was covered with beans and sweat beads, pens! It turned out to be true, but also successfully invited ghosts!

Usually they are daring and do not believe in the existence of ghosts and gods, they have to be nervous at this time, because pens have subverted their worldview.

Zuo Yuze asked in a treacherous way: "Previous life, are you here?"

The pencil slowly moved, which made everyone's spirits very depressed. Everyone stared at the pencil, and the pencil slowly drew a perfect circle on the previous circle.

Suddenly! The classroom lights went out. This moment made Xiaoxue scream, the atmosphere was terrible, and only the glimmer of the four candles gave them a sense of security. It is normal for the lights to go out. This is because the class is over. In order to save electricity, the school will turn off the main switch.

Zuo Yuze took a breath and asked, "I can ask you a question?"

The pencil moves slowly again, it is a perfect circle, and it is coincident with the first two circles, as if there is only one circle on the paper.

The five people looked up and looked at each other and were at a loss. They just considered whether they would come over and did not consider what questions to ask.

"Or... please... please leave the pen?" Li Ming said in a war. The voice just fell, and there was a strong wind blowing outside the window. Some people blowing the curtains were so high, and the candles that were weak and windy were instantly blown out. The classroom was dark.

The two girls screamed, how harsh and terrifying it was in this dark and empty classroom. Even if they are daring, even if they don't believe in ghosts and gods, what they see tonight has completely subverted their worldview. In the dark classroom, the two girls finally released the tight nerves, and the other three boys did not know what to do. Measures.

"Don't move, let's leave the pen to go and say." Zuo Yuze said a word that stabilized the people, and the two girls gradually calmed down.

"Ah! Li Ming's hand is gone!" Xiaoxue exclaimed.

"Li Ming! Li Ming!..." Zuo Yuze shouted. Unfortunately, there is only one silent darkness to answer him.

The four people were in an extremely tense atmosphere, the dark night, the horrible atmosphere, Li Ming suddenly disappeared!!!!

Zhou Qing took out his hand and screamed with both hands. Xiaoxue felt that someone had pulled out his hand and pulled out his hand like a lightning bolt.

Liu Shuai couldn't stand the atmosphere like this. "I don't play!" He took out his hand and fled the classroom like a flight.

Zuo Yuze’s hand still holds a pencil, and he smiles bitterly. “Hehehe, it’s over!”

Now only Zuo Yuze is calm, he is thinking: We have violated the rules of the pen fairy, please come and did not leave, really as Wang Hao said will be entangled with us, then what should we do! Left Yuzawa is desperate! His eyes are also very empty!

The two girls even sobbed in the same place, they were already scared, and there was only a deep fear in their minds.

There was footsteps at the end of the corridor, and any sound would be infinitely magnified in the silent darkness.


The glare of the light shot into the eyes of three people.

"Why, why? You don't go back to the bedroom in the big night and still sleep in this ghost!" said a teacher with a flashlight.

It turned out to be the grade leader. It is estimated that I heard the screams here, so come up and have a look.

The three did not answer, they were still in a daze.

The teacher was angry, striding toward the three men, and patted them on the shoulders. The two girls were scared by the sudden blow and suddenly burst into tears.

Zuo Yuze suddenly woke up, and the teacher was still looking at him. He saw the light on the piece of paper by the light of the flashlight!!

There should be a few circles on the paper, pencils, candles are all gone! Only one piece of white paper is lying there quietly. It seems like... It’s just like nothing happened.

"Hurry back, don't worry!" the teacher yelled.

The three of them reacted and walked out of the classroom. The three men went back to the bedroom, all the way, and only the wind accompanied them. The two girls later realized that their danger was coming, but they were at a loss.

Zuo Yuze returned to the bedroom and looked up! Li Ming stood in front of him! Zuo Yuze was scared and jumped back.

"Yuze, what's wrong with you?" Li Ming asked in confusion.

"You... don't come over!..." Zuo Yuze looked at Li Ming with fear, for fear that he was the embodiment of the pen fairy!

Everyone in the bedroom was facing each other. Li Gang got up and touched Zuo Yuze’s forehead. “No fever! What happened to Yu Ze?”

Wang Hao was lying in bed and watching them coldly.

Zuo Yuze ran back directly, and the speed was like the wind.

Zuo Yuze is like being evacuated from the soul, walking and swaying on campus.

Under the streetlight, there was a black shadow, Zuo Yuze looked at the shadow with a puzzled look. He felt very familiar. He walked over and tried to uncover the true face of this shadow.

Zuo Yuze is approaching, it is a very strong boy! The back is very similar... very similar to Liu Shuai. So late, what did Liu Shuai come here? Zuo Yuze thought.

"Liu Shuai?...Liu Shuai!" Zuo Yuze screamed tentatively.

The shadow slowly turned around and shone his face in the dim light. It was indeed Liu Shuai. At this time, Liu Shuai looked regretful.

"Liu Shuai, why are you coming here so late?"

“I don’t feel good, come see the scenery”

"Hey, what do we do! The game is awkward, will it be shackled like Wang Hao said?"

"This, I don't know,"

"Hey? What do I think you are not afraid of?"

"I'm afraid of what's the use... Yu Ze, Wang Hao said it must be fake. It's a coincidence that there is something wrong. Don't be so scared." Liu Shuai's expression is strange, like a child doing something wrong. The same explanation as Dad.

Zuo Yuze felt that he was a little bit wrong, suddenly thought of something, and did not escape, but also left Liu Shuai. What Zuo Yuze didn’t know was that Liu Shuai stayed in the same place and sighed and turned to continue watching the scenery.

Girl bedroom

Xiaoxue looked awkward and asked Zhou Qing to the side: "Sister Qing, what do you say today?"

"I don't know. Anyway, before the teacher came, I put things together, or I wouldn't explain it to the teacher."

"Oh, scared me, I thought things were not seen!" Xiao Xue patted his chest.

"Would we be entangled in ghosts! Today's game is playing!" Zhou Qing looked worried.

  "do not know."


Zuo Yuze's brain is full of memories of how Li Ming disappeared, but at the time he only noticed two screaming girls, and did not pay attention to Li Ming.

Thinking about it, I suddenly heard the footsteps behind me, very urgent. After experiencing the bizarre encounter, Zuo Yuze did not dare to turn back, and the body also launched.


The rushing footsteps are terrifying in the quiet, unmanned playground, just like the reminder of the left ear film.

"Yuze!... Yuze! It's me!" It is Li Ming!

Li Ming ran to Yu Ze.

"Yu Ze, what happened to you?"

Zuo Yuze desperately wants to calm down under the stimulation of the environment.

"Why do you play and suddenly go away?" Zuo Yuze asked with courage.

"I... I... I am afraid of ghosts." Li Ming said embarrassedly.

"Then you shouldn't leave without a word! You know you hurt us!" Zuo Yuze said angrily.

"I am really sorry! Yuze!" Li Ming's face was awkward.

"Do you say this is useful now? The ghost has been wrapped up with us. What do you say?"

"I don't know, but I will stay with you anyway!"

"Oh! I am afraid of playing a game. Now I am not afraid of being wrapped up with ghosts. Are you teasing me?"

After that, Zuo Yuze went away in anger.

The next day, news came, Liu Shuai died on campus. Zuo Yuze looked at the ceiling with empty eyes. What happened to him was happening. Who is next?

Zhou Qing and Xiaoxue came to Zuo Yuze. They are all face-faced.

"Yuze, what to do! Liu Shuai is dead, what should we do?"

"I don't know!" After that, Zuo Yuze left the classroom.

Zuo Yuze walked aimlessly on campus, thinking about who could help him.

Wang Hao! He should know that Zuo Yuze came to the classroom and pulled Wang Hao out.

"Wang Hao, we are entangled in ghosts! What should I do?"

"I am going, just Li Ming is also asking me, you really went to play? Hey, whoever initiated the game, whoever initiated the game, will go and ask for it once, and the ghost will let you go."

Zuo Yu Ze smashed! Still can't escape a death! His face is gone. In the evening, Zuo Yuze is preparing to commit suicide. He is already dead Liu Shuai, and he must protect the other three talents.

In the evening self-study class, Li Ming has never come, Zuo Yuze feels a bit wrong, ran out of the classroom and found it on campus.

It was the streetlight where Liu Shuai was last. Under the dim light, there was a man lying on the ground, motionless. The figure makes Zuo Yuze feel very familiar. He slowly walked over and turned the black shadow over. It was Li Ming! His blood on his face, no breathing!

Li Ming is dead. Zuo Yuze has fallen into deep blame.

Zuo Yuze couldn't stand it, Liu Shuai died for himself, and Li Ming died for himself. He couldn't stand the feeling that he couldn't do anything to watch his friends die, and they died for themselves.

  in the school

Zhou Qing and Xiaoxue are looking for Zuo Yuze, who just ran out suddenly. Under the dim light, there is a black shadow, wearing a black cap and wearing a black trench coat, only to see that his figure is very strong.

The black shadow came to them. Take an axe from behind while walking. The two girls screamed and stepped back. The black shadow ran up and caught up with two girls, threatening them to shut up. Then tie them up.


Zuo Yuze came to the playground with a strong face and a spring knife in his hand. He is determined to commit suicide and cannot let the other two girls die for themselves.

He shuddered and lifted the spring knife to his neck and closed his eyes!

"Left Yuzawa!... Yuzawa!" The sound came from the sound of Zuo Yuze.

Zuo Yuze put the spring knife in his pocket and turned back to look at the person in front of him, Li Gang.

"Yuze, Zhou Qing and Xiaoxue were killed! First rape and kill!" Li Gang said breathlessly!

Zuo Yuze stunned, suddenly thought of something, first rape and then kill? Then it is certainly not a ghost, someone is deliberately playing us. He was thinking about all the bizarre events in his heart and wanted to piece together the clues. Wang Hao! It must be him.

Zuo Yuze ran back to the bedroom, and at this time, only Wang Hao was alone in the dormitory.

"Wang Hao! You are a beast!" Zuo Yuze roared.

Wang Hao frowned and looked at Zuo Yuze.

"Do you know? Let's go!"

"Where to go! I want to kill you!"

After that, Zuo Yuze copied the corner of the iron shovel and smashed it to Wang Hao’s head, and suddenly the blood was splashing. Zuo Yuze lost his mind to Wang Hao. Soon Wang Hao is all blood.

"Yuze, I am sorry for you, you must be careful!" Wang Hao said with a sigh. When I finished speaking, I fell to the ground and did not move.

Wang Hao is dead. Zuo Yuze was taken away by the police of the Public Security Bureau.

The siren sounded and the police car drove out of school.

On the top of the sixth floor of the teaching building, there was a sturdy black shadow smiling and watching the police car leave with Zuo Yuze. That smile is very treacherous and very proud. The police car drove out of the school and the black shadow laughed.

The shadow didn't know that there was a person behind him who came to him.

"Hey!" There was a shadow lying in front of the building. No one saw him falling from the top of the building.

Since then, the school has an unwritten rule.

"Don't play with pens"