5104 brand cigarettes

"Gou Jun, give me a cigarette. I can't bear it any longer. The other guy is too strong. Can he play happily together?"  Cao Liang, who lives in the same dormitory, is in a hurry to call Gou Jun, his roommate.  Gou Jun rubbed his tired eyes and carelessly lost a Nanjing brand cigarette. His eyes were still tightly staring at the picture on the screen on his mobile phone. "Nanjing brand cigarette is good and smells good."  Cao Liang breathed a comfortable sigh of relief.

"By the way, I heard that you recently made a new beauty girlfriend, or a rich second generation!  You are really a great blessing!  Why do you say you are so sentimental? A week ago, Wang Shu was your girlfriend. By the way, she hasn't been to school for a week in a row. What's the situation? "

Goujun return to absolute being. He look at Cao Liang, who was immersed in that madness of the game. His eyes showed a trace of cold and fear.  "How do I know?"

"You are not his boyfriend?  I wonder if it is because you abandoned her and made her lose interest in her studies. "

Facing the roommate's pressing questions, Gou Jun repressed his anger and adjusted his collar to get out of the dormitory.  The cell phone on the screen that he has been staring at is obediently on his pillow.

"What's wrong with this guy? Since Wang Shu dropped out of school recently, he has been staring at his cell phone every day. Is it just to see what you are looking at?"  Cao Liang, who likes gossip the most, picked up his mobile phone. When he opened the information box, he found it empty and then opened the photo album. Ah!  He exclaimed in his heart, this is definitely not PS!  Someone is coming.

Gou Jun was about to go out to buy a pack of cigarettes when he suddenly found that he forgot to bring his mobile phone and hurried back to the dormitory. When he saw that his roommates were still immersed in the fun of online games, he finally breathed a sigh of relief and seemed lucky.  When he was ready to go out, "Gou Jun, come back and get your cell phone!"  Cao Liang wanted to hide his fear through normal dialogue.  "Mmm!"  Gou Jun answered at random. Suddenly, he looked back at Cao Liang. His eyes were full of sharp and amazing light. Cao Liang was still addicted to games, but his headphones were beside him. When he heard the words that online game players often use from time to time, his mouth turned into a radian and his lips were so bright red.

When it was determined that Gou Jun was completely out of the bedroom, Cao Liang's hanging heart suddenly fell off. He felt that this was the biggest exercise game he had ever had. At that time, he saw a head on the screen. Yes, it was Wang Shu's head. He began to think that it was just an artistic photograph. Then he carefully saw the pure face, eyes closed, face pale and neck position bright red. He determined that this was a portrait and a portrait of Wang Shu.

In shock, Cao Liang suddenly had goose bumps all over his body. He looked at the whole dormitory. He felt extremely regretful at this time, because it was Friday and all his classmates had gone home. Even the whole dormitory building could not find a second person except Cao Liang.  The key was taken away by Gou Jun and he made a phone call. Unfortunately, the phone was repaired a few days ago. Just as Cao Liang was preparing to call for help online, the network signal was suddenly interrupted silently. At this time, his heart was like an ant on hot bricks.

It's already 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, Gou Jun is glad there are shops. Hey, what a guy!  It's still a newly opened shop, and its name is fashionable enough.  “5104”!  A sudden fear stirred his heart. When he entered here, a clear and lovely face appeared in front of him, and his heart felt relaxed, "Boss, buy a pack of cigarettes!"  The beautiful boss smiled and said, "We have a new batch of cigarettes with low prices and excellent reputation. Do you want to try them?"  "good!"  Take a look!  "When the boss handed me the name, he looked at it. Some froze, but it disappeared in an instant. He was confident that he was a bold man." All right, this bag! "  Gou Jun thought he was hungry and went to the commodity rack to search for a while. When he saw that every commodity in the store was "5104 brand", 5104 brand instant noodles, 5104 brand ham, 5104 brand liquor and so on, his heart was a little scared and he paid the money and hurried to the dormitory.

The 5104 store, which disappeared from Gou Jun's view, slowly merged with darkness.

Gou Jun came to the back garden of the school. He hurried to look for it. When he dug up the beautiful artwork from the soil of the forest thickets, his heart dropped and he took out the newly bought cigarettes to smoke. Well, that's really good, Gou Jun sighed in his heart and went to the dormitory happily again.

When Cao Liang thought of using Gou Jun's cell phone to make a phone call, Gou Jun had already stood in the dormitory and witnessed all this. He pushed open the door without hesitation. He believed that Cao Liang's IQ would make him an interesting lie.  "Cao Liang, make what!  What are you doing with my cell phone?  My cell phone has my secret! "  Cao Liang, who was already highly nervous, collapsed instantly and chose to remain silent.  Fortunately, when the phone rang, Gou Jun took the phone from Cao Liang. "Hello, baby, it's so late. Is there anything I can do for you?  "Gou Jun, I order you to say in front of the whole class tomorrow that you only love me and don't love Wang Shu at all. My roommates are making fun of me and pissing me off. Why is it useless for you to say that you are a big man?"  The phone there came the coquetry and domineering voice of Gou Jun's new girlfriend Liu Lingyu, and Gou Jun poured into Cao Liang's mind with a cautious wait, slightly dispersing some fear.

After the phone hung up, "Cao Liang, how was the game?"  Goujun seems to have forgotten what happened just now. Cao Liang's heart sank. He just wanted to say that there was no network. When Cao Liang looked at the screen, the computer network was fantastic. Cao Liang fought back his fear.  "Not bad, not bad!"  "Come on, have a cigarette. Today is really strange. There is a new shop next door named 5104. It sells all 5104. Are you kidding me?"  Gou Jun seemed very comfortable. The words just fell. Cao Liang's heart was filled with greater fear. He knew that the store named 5104 did not sell daily necessities, but,,, Gou Jun ran into a ghost, and Cao Liang was sure of it.

In order to distract Gou Jun from playing with his new mobile phone, Cao Liang told the truth, "Gou Jun, are you sure you really went in and bought this pack of cigarettes?"  "then what?"  Gou Jun replied dismissively. When the dial-up record was about to enter Gou Jun's eyes, Cao Liang said in horror, "Gou Jun usually closes at 10 o'clock in the evening. When you went out just now, I saw your cell phone was already 12 o'clock, and" when the sentence "I saw it was already 12 o'clock from your cell phone" was quickly introduced into Gou Jun's cranial nerve, he was sure that Cao Liang had turned over his cell phone and the blade in his sleeve was ready.  Then the words passed into his ears made him collapse instantly. The road in his sleeve immediately fell to the ground. Cao Liang was scared to hide in bed. "The store does not sell daily necessities, but ghost stores."  Not selling daily necessities, but selling underworld goods, this sentence again and again into Gou jun's mind, he picked up the cigarette, nervous smoking, smoking, smoking.

Gou Jun slept in his dream. He dreamed of the day when he was with Wang Shu. He was so happy. However, as a figure appeared in his sight, he decided to abandon Wang Shu, because the girl was a rich second generation. Just like that, when Wang Shu threatened Gou Jun, if she abandoned her, she told all the teachers and students that she was pregnant. At the thought of a bright future, she turned into a cliff ravine. He was ruthless and he found Wang Shu's head was smiling all the time.

GouJun woke up, I do not know when, the light has gone out, he smoked nervously, when he saw still sleeping Cao Liang, he picked up the dagger, ready to stab to the roommate may destroy his future, Cao Liang's body suddenly turned around, GouJun stunned, that is a smiling face, is wang shu's face, he immediately rushed out of the dormitory.

Before he knew it, he ran to the back garden of the school. He tore up the pit that had been torn up countless times. When he saw the scene he was satisfied with, he relaxed and smoked the cigarette in his pocket like a life-saving straw in danger. I do not know when, he smoked again and again. Suddenly, in his mind, there was a voice like "One,,,,,, Two,,,,,, Three,,, Gou Jun became more and more nervous. Look at the cigarette case in his hand.  It was empty, his last cigarette finally landed, and "4" sounded in his mind. Suddenly he realized that the voice came from his back. He turned back suddenly and found the long-lost smiling face. "Why don't you recognize me? I'm Shu Shu. Today you bought me a pack of cigarettes called 5104. Do you know why this pack of cigarettes is called 5104? I'm afraid you don't remember," a voice from the past poured into Gou Jun's mind. "Your birthday is May 10, my birthday is May 4, and our birthdays together are 5104 symbols  At this time, Gou Jun's eyes stared in horror. "Since I have already left and want me to be together forever, you can accompany me. In fact, 5104 has another meaning:" I want you to die. The cigarette you smoke today is actually the rest of your life. I didn't expect you to accompany me so soon. "The ghostly head rushed to Gou Jun," Ah! "  Gou Jun left only such a simple last word.  "Ha, ha, ha, ha!"  The voice of ghosts can be seen in the distance. Two couples, shoulder to shoulder, smiling at the back garden door, seem to be waiting for something exciting.

5104, 5104, 5104, 5104, I want you dead, I want you dead!  The bitterness in the back garden sounded at midnight.