Midnight basketball sound

I have a classmate, we are high school classmates. My classmate is called Tianming. Although Tian Ming’s academic performance is not very good, he still treats people very well. Tianming is not very high, but his leadership is very strong. In the classroom, Tianming is the squad leader!

This was an atheist before dawn, but then he told me that he had experienced a strange thing that completely changed his view of God. This happened in the Tianming Hostel. I still clearly remember that Tian Ming said this to me.

At that time, due to economic constraints, our school enrolled a large number of students. The student residence is full due to the number of students participating in the program exceeding expectations. I can't live anymore. There is really no way behind it. The school can't return the money to the students and let them go home!

Finally, under pressure, the school found two dilapidated houses for additional students. The house is still large and the house can accommodate 10 people. Tianming is one of two rooms. There is a lot of dust inside the house, it is very dirty, but the place is very wide, giving people a more comfortable life feeling than ordinary dormitory.

After a round of cleaning, the house became clean, although it was not spotless, it was still clean. However, Tianming feels very strange, because it is a bit cold, knowing that it is summer, even in the house, it does not feel cold.

Time flies quickly, in the blink of an eye, at night, after the self-study class, dawn comes to the house early, bathes, washes clothes, and then goes to bed early. Today, I am tired of dawn. The house must not only be cleaned up, but also one day. The whole person is already exhausted. After lying down, Tianming began to scream.

The roommates of Tianming are the same, tired all day, so they like the dawn, take a shower early, then go to bed.

By the way, Tian Ming likes to play basketball very much, so when he returned to school, Tian Ming brought a basketball to the school and placed it on the table in the room.

I don't know how long I slept, and Tianming was awakened by a sound. Listening carefully, it turned out to be the sound of basketball touchdown. Because there is no light, Tian Ming does not know who is catching the ball.

Tianming was very angry at this time. If you wake up while sleeping, who won't be angry? So, Tianming snorted in the direction of the sound, don't shoot. It was strange to say that after the sound of Tianming snorted, the sound stopped. So Tianming did not think much, because it was too tired, Tianming lay down to sleep.

Woke up the next day, Tianming felt very comfortable, and after a night of sleep, the spirit of the whole person was improved. Suddenly, when Tian Ming remembered this voice last night, he thought that his attitude was a bit problem last night. He wanted to apologize to his classmates. Therefore, Tian Ming asked everyone who took the ball last night. But what surprised Tianming was that everyone in the room replied that there was no. When I heard this, the heart of Tianming was a bit rough. If this is not the ball that a friend shot, who would it be? Thinking for a while, Tianming seems to have a clue. Tianming thinks that it may be a roommate, and does not recognize it in the face of death! Think of this, Tianming no longer asks, after all, is a classmate, but also suitable for giving face.

So Tian Ming did not put this matter in his heart, so he quickly picked up the book to go to class. You know, there are courses today!

Time always passes quickly, and it is evening in the blink of an eye. After the self-study class, Tianming also returned home early. One day after class, Tianming is also very tired. I went to bed as soon as I took a shower last night.

In the middle of the night, Tianming was awakened by the sound of basketball touch. Tianming, this time, I am really angry. I just want to go out, but I stopped. Tianming believes that for me, watching the ball is better, who takes the ball. After thinking of this, Tianming quietly went to the sound. When I approached, Tianming checked out and did not call. There are no people in front of Tianming. Only one empty basketball bounced on his own, and he touched the ground, making a groan, groan, and snoring. Seeing this, Tianming’s brain has lost his feelings and rushed to the bed. He was supervised.

There are sounds for several nights. Tian Ming not only heard it, but other roommates also heard it.

Everyone is very scared. Later, the students answered questions from the school.

The school could not change students to another dormitory.

After that, Tian Ming heard that there was a boy who died in the room. This boy likes to play basketball very much.

This incident completely changed my attitude towards these things. Later, I did not deny these things, and slowly I began to believe in these things. Because I feel that certain things in the dark do exist, and now we are afraid that they just don't know them. When science develops enough, maybe we can chat face to face with them. Just like a Buddhist language: six reincarnations, never ending. After all, people and ghosts are transforming each other. So I think they are real. . . .