Campus ghost story

Dried human placenta

Xiao Ying's diploma is very high. She graduated from university. However, after more than one year's graduation, she has not found a job and is waiting for work at home. It's not that Xiao Ying doesn't have a solid professional foundation. When she was in college, she got full marks and the highest scholarship for four consecutive years. It's reasonable to say that after such students graduate, the employing units should all be eager for help.

Strange phone

I am a journalist in the school magazine. I have encountered many things since I was a journalist. There is one thing that makes me feel very strange. That night, I was awakened by a sudden ringing tone. Who is calling this damn call? I thought about picking up the phone: "Hey! Who is it?" "Hey! It's me," the other is a girl, and her voice is awkward. "My name is Qinghe.

Dormitory mortuary

My name is Fan Chen, and I was lucky enough to be admitted to this medical school. At the beginning of the new semester, I joined the college's news agency. In the middle of the night, I was searching for a variety of interesting news information on the Internet. I don't know which application suddenly popped up a small window in the lower right corner of the screen. I clicked on the link to the small window.....

5104 brand cigarettes

"Gou Jun, give me a cigarette. I can't bear it anymore. The other guy is too strong. Can we play happily together?" Cao Liang, who lives in the same bedroom, hurriedly calls for Gou Jun, who lives in the same bedroom. Gou Jun rubbed his tired eyes and lost a Nanjing brand cigarette. His eyes were still staring at the pictures on the screen of his mobile phone...

"Campus game" of pen Fairy

A few years ago, a kind of supernatural terror game called pen Xian was spread in the university campus. With the passage of time, the game seems not as popular as it used to be, but in recent days, with the lovelorn of the roommate, the game has appeared in our vision.

3,000 Green Silk Female Ghosts

Zhang Qiang and Jing ya are recognized as sweet lovers, but in recent days, Zhang Qiang dreams every night, which perplexes him. The dream is always the same. The woman in the dream is very beautiful. Every time she looks at Zhang Qiang, she says, "Brother Qiang, look at how long my hair is. When will it reach the waist? Shall I marry you?"

Library in the middle of the night

The students believe that everyone has a habit of using books to occupy seats. In fact, this is a very bad habit, because the library is a place for people to learn, but at night it is still here. I remember that it was the second half of the freshman year. It was for the final exam. I came to the library to study in the afternoon.

Never look in the mirror at night

At ten o'clock in the middle of the night, Lin Biao was reading a book in the classroom. When Lin Biao was preparing to leave the classroom, he found a book. When Lin Biao got up, he dropped a piece of paper from the book: Don't look in the mirror at night. Lin Biao’s heart was eager to put the book down and left. At this time, the voice of walking outside the classroom, Lin Biao quickly left the classroom.