Spooky old car

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Niu Hong bought a second-hand car. It was so happy that he had to laugh and bloom. Although it was an old car, he turned him into a car. Going to work, he no longer went to squeeze the bus, driving his own car called a proud. This second-hand car is not old at all, it is very new, and the price is still cheap, so that Niu Hong feels that he has made a big leak.

The ground floor of the community where Niu Hongjia is located is a parking lot. It is safe and convenient. On this weekend, he drove his wife and children to the forest park. When I was enough to drive home and go down the mountain, I found that the car was covered with the branches growing from the trees next to it, just like the feeling that the ivy climbed the wall. Niu Hong was strange, and he went to play for a long time. He had to play for half a year, and the car was covered by plants. He and his wife opened the branches together, thinking that it was a mischief that the car owners were not doing, and they had to go to the garden management office to talk about the situation.

Everything was done, and Niu Hong’s family took the car down the mountain. From this day on, the car began to go out of business.

The parking lot of the community is monitored, and the security of a community is sitting in the monitoring room and watching the picture. He saw a man and a woman on Niu Hong's car, one sitting in the driver's seat and one sitting in the passenger seat. After a while, he did not see the car. The security guard secretly sneaked a sigh. Hey, this pair of men and women will not want to talk about love in the car. The security guard stared at the screen to watch the fun.

After a while, the man in the driver's seat did not know where to take a machete, and the woman next to it slashed, the woman's blood splattered on the windshield, a bright red piece, and then, the human limb wreckage was Throw the car full. The security guards next to the surveillance looked silly. When they came back to pick up the walkie-talkie, they shouted about the situation and ran to the area where Niuhong parked. Waiting for the previous look, it was dumbfounded, the car was quiet and parked there, there was no one in the car, where the blood and broken limbs came.

The rest of the security guards are guarding the security guards, and it’s okay to play with them. The surveillance security felt a chill, and he clearly saw it clearly. How could it... No, he had to go back and watch the video replay immediately. Waiting for the replay of the monitoring room, where the man came to cut the woman, the car was quiet and strange, and there were no people walking around it. Obviously, the surveillance security knows that it must be a ghost. The next day, he immediately resigned, and his work can be avoided. There is only one life.

The next day, Niu Hongzhao drove his car to work. When waiting for the traffic lights, Niu Hong took his own appearance from the indoor mirror. For a moment, a man and a woman appeared in the back of the car, and they stared at him with cold eyes. Niu Hong quickly turned back, but there was nothing but two cushions in the back seat. Niu Hong took a cold sweat, and the driver behind him slammed the horn, and Niu Hong came back to drive and drive. On this day, Niu Hong has some restless thoughts. He has been thinking about whether he is wrong or not mistaken.

Niu Hong’s daughter is in the middle of the kindergarten, and he has to pick it up after school. But Niu Hong’s daughter is very strange today. Don’t sit behind and sit in the passenger seat. Niu Hong asked her why she was sitting in front? The daughter said that there were two uncles and aunts behind them. They looked so terrible that she did not dare to sit behind. The daughter’s words made Niu Hong’s goose bumps. I thought of a man and a woman he saw in the mirror in the morning. Was this car not clean? He decided to send his daughter home first, then drove to the old car market to ask the car. Specific origin.

After sending her daughter, Niu Hong immediately went to the old car market. The boss of the old car market saw Niu Hong coming, his face changed, and he immediately turned to smile. Niu Hong asked him the origin of the car and told the car owner about what he and his daughter saw. The owner of the car sweared for a long time before he said the reason. This car was sold to him by a friend of hiss. His friend was in the case of the case. After the case was closed, the car was no longer claimed and sold to the old car market. What kind of case can be specifically, the boss’s friend did not say, and he did not bother to ask more.

In recent years, there have been some spooky incidents in the old cars. In order not to trouble myself, I will get rid of them soon, so I sold them cheaply. Niu Hong wants to retreat the car, the boss does not do it, say where the ghost came from under the sun, saying that Niu Hong must lie, the purpose is to use the car without spending money, the procedures for selling cars can be clearly written in black and white. Chu, no retreat. Niu Hong couldn't do it. He had to drive the car back and find another second-hand market to sell.

The company where Niu Hong is located is very busy these days. He often works overtime or eats at night, and he returns home very late. Today is also, Niu Hong has been driving home after 11 days of driving. He stopped the car and wanted to get off, but found that the door could not be opened. He slammed the door in a hurry and opened every door, all of which were dead.

He remembered the last man and woman I saw in the mirror. I was so afraid of what was coming. He looked at the indoor mirror. He didn’t expect to see the man and the woman again. He turned his head and a man and a woman actually sat. Look at him in the back seat. Niu Hong was scared, and he slammed the door in fear and called for help. He pressed the horn of the car, but the horn could not make a sound.

The man in the back seat raised a machete in his hand. He cut it on the back of the driver's seat. Niu Hong shouted and shouted. He used the decorations in the car to smash the glass and tried to escape. The tear was broken and not broken. Suddenly, the man in the back seat raised the machete again. This time, his knife was no longer aimed at Niu Hong’s direction, but he slashed to the woman next to him.

The man madly cuts the woman's body, the blood is splashed everywhere in the car, and Niu Hong is also covered with black blood. The woman did not resist, staring at Niu Hong with her eyes wide open, letting the man next to her split her body. The man slashed and began to unload the woman's arms and thighs, throwing the wreckage inside the car. Niu Hong cried with a headache, maybe, the next person to die is him.

Hey, who is knocking on the glass window, Niu Hong suddenly came back and found that it was the security guard of the parking lot. As soon as he pulled the door, the door opened. He even got off the car and fell to the ground. The security guard asked about Niu Hong's situation. He said that when he patrolled, he found that Niu Hong was dancing in the car. He looked like he was scared. He came over.

Niu Hong looked into the car, the tragedy in the car has disappeared, the picture just too realistic, Niu Hong is worried. He compiled a reason for being uncomfortable and told the security guard. If he said that he was a ghost, others would not treat him as a neurotic. Niu Hong checked the situation in the car. The machete on the driver's seat told Niu Hong that the matter was not true.

Niu Hong finally sold the car. Afterwards, he found such a news from the Internet: In the forest park of this city, there is a man and a woman in a new car. After the man’s corpse was killed, he committed suicide. inside. As for the reason, the insider revealed that the woman was betrayed the man and was killed by the man.

After selling the old car, Niu Hong saved money and bought a new car for himself. The heart is so comfortable. It seems that some things can't be cheap, or you have to be as greedy and cheap as he is.