A frightened teacher

In the dark night sky, a round of brightness was accompanied by stars shining in the whole Jinghai University. Endless darkness slowly devoured the whole world like a bottomless pit. The whole campus was immersed in endless darkness everywhere. Only the street lamps on the roadside were still flashing dim lights. No one was immersed in death-like tranquility everywhere over the long path. At this time, a girl dressed in pink poked her head out of the girl's dormitory at the gate of the girl's dormitory and hurried out of the girl's dormitory. She didn't take a few steps to turn around and look, fearing that someone would follow him.

Soon he passed through tall buildings and came to the small forest behind the teaching building. From time to time in the quiet small forest, he would wear strange birds everywhere. However, the girl seemed to have no idea of fear. She still kept on walking and did not know how long she had been walking.

In front of a figure gradually clear up, when the girl saw the figure, immediately shed a happy smile on her face, and then hurriedly ran past, but also without thinking suddenly into his arms "jay!  I miss you so much!  Why did you go these days? I don't know why you came back to me!  I thought you didn't want us! "  I saw the girl with a full face of injustice in the arms of the middle-aged man constantly playing to, as if a few days of injustice is used to find the vent, at this time the man is also a full face of doting behind stroked on the girl's head.

"Silly wench!  How could I not want you!  You are my favorite woman, but you also know that this is a school after all!  I am a teacher and you are a student in this family. Of course, we should keep a proper distance. What if we don't know our relationship?  Besides, you don't know the tigress in my family. If she knew about our relationship, she would have to eat us and beat me, but there is nothing, but you can't. You are pregnant with our baby now!  I won't allow you any damage! "

I saw the man saying that he was gently lined up on the woman's back. The eyes he brought under the bright moonlight were slightly cold, which made people feel nervous.  And this man is the famous professor Li Jie in the whole university of the sea of tranquility, and the girl in his arms is also his professor's student, and is also the only campus flower xiaojing in the whole university of the sea of tranquility.  The two broke the tradition and started a love affair between teachers and students in the school.

However, Xiao Jing was with Li Jie, who was much older than herself, despite the opposition from her family, and was pregnant for him.  Didn't you say you want to divorce him and marry me?  Now I am pregnant!  You can't leave me alone, I know?  Otherwise, I will hate you all my life. "  Xiao Jing, who was still playing in Li Jie's arms, suddenly looked up at Li Jie and said naively. Li Jie obviously felt a shock when he heard these words, but he soon responded.

The mouth is said, "of course!  Of course! "  Hearing this sentence, Xiao Jing revealed a happy smile on her face again, but he didn't find that there was a little murderous look in the eyes under the cold light-emitting lens. then she held Xiao Jing tightly in her arms. it was not too long before Xiao Jing broke away from Li Jie's arms. she ran out secretly, and it would be broken if she found out she was not in the ward round.

So he hurriedly said good night to Li Jie and turned to the road he had been heading for, but he did not find that Li Jie's eyes behind him had leaked the smell of killing people. Li Jie, who reached for his hand and did not know where he felt a long axe, slowly walked towards xiaojing. he caught up with her within a few steps, and then saw Li Jie swing the axe with all his strength like xiaojing's head, only hearing the sound of "snow ~!

There was no time for a scream of small static was cut off half of the head, blood with brains spray Li Jie face is, and then "flop" just fell to the ground, blood dyed red the whole ground soon, "this can't blame me!  If you don't force me to divorce, I won't do it either! "  Obviously now the spirit is a bit abnormal Li Jie like talking to himself, and think it is Li Jie to the small static constantly nagging there.  Then he looked at the blood in his hand and felt a shiver. He dropped the bloody axe on the ground.

"I didn't do it!  She forced me!  Yes, she forced me!  If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have done it!  This bad woman! "  Li Jie, who was already out of his mind, suddenly saw her with blood in her hands. She became even more calm. Her mouth kept chanting, and then she kicked the dead little Jing violently. Then she sat down on the bottom of a big tree beside her and looked at the body nearby. Her body was trembling all the more.

The moon gradually sank to the west and I don't know how long it took Li Jie to finally return to absolute being from his composure. so he took Xiao Jing's body and pulled her into the prepared pit. Xiao Jing, who had just been thrown in, buried the soil on her body in piles. Li jiecai filled the pit up again after half an hour. maybe god was also helping Li Jie. the sky was clear and clear. I don't know why the rain poured down suddenly. the originally bloodied ground has now been washed out cleanly and thoroughly!

And Xiao Jing has been in into thin air since that night. Many people are curious about how Xiao Jing suddenly disappeared from the world. It is estimated that no one knows how she disappeared except Li Jie.  However, Li Jie, who had to sleep in bed for one night after three days, was sweating profusely and occasionally said, "Don't come here!"

In this way also don't know how long it took finally unbearable li jie suddenly let out a cry and sat up from the bed, all the sweat had already soaked his clothes, a trickle of sweat from his forehead, pale she kept panting, also don't know how long it took a long sigh of relief he finally return to absolute being!

Stretched out his hand and touched a full face of sweat on the forehead, and then a turn came down from the bed, walked to the bathroom, during the period of school teachers and students school regulations are all live on campus, so here Li Jie is a person to live, came to the bathroom just lower the head to take off your clothes, suddenly a white figure flashed from behind him, and Li Jie like feel what, so quickly turned but behind him nothing.

So Li Jie turned around and went on taking a bath. half an hour later, a relaxed Li Jie came out of the bathroom in his pajamas. he came to the mirror and picked up the hair dryer on the table and blew it up at his hair. however, as soon as he accidentally turned his head, Li Jie was startled. what he saw in the mirror was not Li Jie at all, but a long-haired girl with only half of her head. blood kept flowing out of that half of his head.

Seeing this, Xiao Jie quickly turned around to see what it was, but after he turned around, his back was still empty and there was nothing at all. when he saw the mirror again, the girl with only half her head was smiling at Li Jie from the mirror!  "ah ~!"

Suddenly Li Jie also let out a cry at this time, suddenly jumped from the ground to the bed, and then hiding in the quilt looked around the whole room, I saw the whole room is empty and there is nothing at all, don't you hallucinate?  But it was also at this time that the faucet in the bathroom was turned on by itself when no one touched it, and the beautiful music of girls came out of the bathroom room. This song was Xiao Jing's favorite before her death.

Li Jie immediately turned pale and could collapse at any time. the faucet in the bathroom was still running "swoosh ~"!  And the beautiful melody compared with the decline of sound spread to come out from the bathroom, finally can't stand such a blow Li Jie suddenly jumped up from the bed, no matter what she is Li Jie to look at in the past, so thought of here Li Jie quickly ran past, when he opened the bathroom door where the whole people stare blankly.

Because the bathroom was empty and there was no one at all, and what flowed out of the faucet was not clear water at all, but bright red blood, and the strong scent of blood stimulated Li Jie's brain!  But at this time Li Jie seemed to feel something like flowing out of his body, so he bowed his head only to find that the blood on his body was constantly flowing out of him. Li Jie, who could no longer stand the stimulation, fainted when he failed.

A few days later at noon, a police car quickly entered the dormitory building of Jinghai University classroom. Soon, a rotting and stinking corpse was carried out from the inside. A few days ago, the police received an alarm from the school saying Li Jie was missing for a few days.  So the police immediately began to investigate, and soon found Li Jie, who had died in his dormitory for several days, but after the forensic examination, no clues were found, and the results of the examination stunned everyone, and the results were scared to death.