Electric fan blows out the wind

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The recent weather is getting hotter and hotter, and it seems like living in a steamer every day. I feel that I am surrounded by fire, and the heat is unbearable. Xiao Ming feels like he is going to melt like a wax figure. He is eager to buy an electric fan to resist the heat of summer.

For a student who has just graduated from college, there is a steady job for the time being, which is already hard to come by. There is no more money to install air conditioners. He wants to buy a cheap fan in the second-hand market to deal with it. If you are a fan, you will feel a lot cooler.

When he was at school, he knew that there was a relatively famous second-hand market near the school. Many students sell their own things, and those bosses buy them and sell them to new students at high prices. If you have been admitted to your own university, you will definitely not come to this city like a fire. But if you don't know what's going on, you will be transferred to the city. What surprised Xiao Ming is that he can stay in the city for four years. Seeing that the university graduated, the job I was looking for was still in the city.

Xiao Ming feels like a sweet potato, and it is very fragrant and soft on the side of the stove. He came to an old electrical line in a soft way. The boss's face was full of smiles, and at first glance it was like a slick tongue. But Xiao Ming doesn't mind at all. He just wants to buy a cheap electric fan to help him through the difficult summer.

Xiao Ming saw a very beautiful fan, like a girl, this fan looks the latest, and the cheapest price. Xiao Ming asked: "How does the boss sell this fan?" The boss looked at his five fingers and said, "If you want, you will get 50 yuan. This is a special price, not to bargain, you have to take the money directly." ”

It may be that the boss is very busy now, and the speech is particularly direct. The students who come to buy things are in a constant stream. Xiao Ming carefully looked at the fan. The machine inside looks like copper wire. This kind of fan is particularly durable. As long as 50 dollars, it is simply a good deal. Xiao Ming didn't think much, and gave the money to the boss to leave with this beautiful fan. Xiao Ming thinks that he is smashing a big bargain today, such a good fan, he bought it for 50 yuan, isn't he a big bargain?

Going back to the place where I rented, I can't wait to plug the fan into the power. When Xiao Ming presses the button, the cool breeze blows in and makes Xiao Ming feel particularly comfortable.

I have always been tortured by the hot summer days. I really want to have a fan like this to let myself enjoy the cool. The wind blows on my body, it is really cool, and I have not felt such a cool wind for a long time. But it's just a fan, the wind that blows out is too cool, and even some cold ice, this fan will not have such a good effect. But this is also good, you will have a cool summer in the future, you don't have to be like a dog.

I went to sleep with a fan in the evening, and the room seemed to cool down, just like an air conditioner. Let Xiao Ming feel unusually comfortable. When I slept in the night, I always felt like a piece of steak, and I was turned over and froze. With this fan, I can sleep well with my heart. When I was sleeping in the middle of the night, I felt a little cold. This is the feeling that I didn't have it all summer. How could it feel cold in the hot summer, is it because I bought a fan? He climbed up to see the fan, he saw a scene that made him incredible, in this heat Among them, the fan was actually attached with a strip of ice.

He felt that his entire room had become very cold, that is, he did not wear clothes and was exposed to the winter. It’s too weird about what it’s going on. It’s so hot outside, how can my fan freeze, and make my ignorance look like winter. Xiao Ming had some fear. He knew that there was a problem with the fan he bought. All these strange phenomena were caused by this fan. No wonder the boss will sell the fan to him at such a low price.

After spending the night in horror, the next day, Xiao Ming took the fan to the place he bought to find the boss. Who knows that the boss does not admit that this fan is sold by him, which makes Xiao Ming particularly angry. He can only take the fan back if there is no way. This is bought by himself for 50 yuan, even if there is a ghost. It can be used directly as an air conditioner. I have never done anything wrong with myself. If I am afraid of anything, I will not be able to shout out the ghost and tell him directly with the showdown. Even if it rushes to kill himself, it is unlucky.

Xiao Ming took the heart and the fan brought it back home. At night, he slept like usual. In the evening, I felt very cold. He knew that his fan had ice-cold, and the room had become like winter. Xiao Ming got the courage to get up and he wanted to break the power. However, after the power cut, the fan still kept turning, and the ice above did not mean to be destroyed. The temperature inside the room made him unable to fight the cold war.

Xiao Ming finally got angry, pulled out the plug of the fan directly, but the fan kept turning. Xiao Ming’s anger is more than fear. "Who is it? Come out, the ghosts scare me, you have something to say, I am not afraid of you!"

The fan suddenly stopped, as if something in it heard him speak. The fan that stopped, and Cheng Feng took a glimpse of the hair. The hair was like a viper, and it was drilled out of the fan, and it swayed toward Xiaoming. Xiao Ming was so scared that he stepped back a few steps. He stuck it on the wall and prevented himself from slipping on the ground.

The hairs spread like a black snake and climbed to themselves. Xiao Ming had some regrets about his own impulses. How can you fight a ghost! If this ghost has no consciousness, no matter who is going to harm it, it is not too dead.

I don’t want to die like this. Xiao Ming said in horror: "What do you want? I am innocent with you, why are you coming to me!" The black snake-like hair is still facing Xiaoming. Xiao Ming feels that he is lying and shooting, how can there be such a thing around him. I just sold a fan, as for this?

A girl stood in front of Xiao Ming, her eyes were blood red, and it looked very scary. Xiao Ming saw an abnormal picture of horror. A boy picked up the girl's hair and slammed the girl's head against the fan. The rotating fan sucked the girl's hair, the girl's scalp was ripped off, and the boy made a cruel laugh. The girl is making a terrible cry. In this scene, I saw a small, creepy, female ghost said: "You guys are damned, you will kill me if you can't catch it, I want you all to die!"

Xiao Ming said: "The person who killed you is not me. The person who killed you has already been killed by you. Not all men are like this. I am not. I have never returned. Why are you still? To kill me, what is the difference between you and the person who killed you!"

The female ghost apparently stumbled. She did not think that Xiao Ming was able to say this to herself in the fear of embarrassment. Right, if he killed the innocent person. What is the difference with the person who killed himself! The girl flutters gently and disappears into the fan. Xiao Ming did not dare to use this fan, so he threw it into the sea.